Porsche 991 Poses for Niche Ad - 1,218 views

Niche was looking for a sexy, sleek car to feature in their ad in the Excellence Magazine.We hooked them up with one of our friends down in So Cal who hooked them up with this breathtaking Porsche 911 Carrera S 991. They used the 991 to feature their latest Monotec design, the T70 Stüttgart wheels. This 991 is sitting on 21×9’s in the front and 22×12’s in the rear, weighing in at 10.3kg. and 12.5kg. respectively. The wheels were finished with hi-luster polished windows and a brushed face. Weight reducing pockets were cut into the backpad as well as our signature undercut spokes seen below.

Niche wheels are a great quality wheel for a elite car. If you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your already jaw-dropping car, Niche wheels are the way to go. The wheel itself demands attention, then you put it on something like this 991 Carrera, it almost unfair how much attention this car will attract. Check out some of the other projects we’ve used Niche wheels on. If you’re interested in the T70’s email us at sales@vividracing.com. To get your own set of Niche Wheels, shop HERE!









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