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The rear wheel drive sports car has been re-invented with the creation of the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ. The Toyota and Subaru mash-up has been a hit since its release. Some of the newest products to the market are from Cobb Tuning.

These parts range from pure aesthetics to performance pieces that are necessary when modding these amazing cars. The simplest part to modify on this car is the shift knob. Unscrew the stock and screw on the Cobb Tuning delrin version. The base of the knob is anodized aluminum in either red or blue and is etched with the Cobb logo. The delrin sphere is perfectly round and designed to fit into your hand easily. This ensures each shift is fast and smooth. It is one of the parts you get to enjoy every time you take the driver seat.

If easy modifications are what you seek, then the Cobb battery tie down is perfect for you. The aluminum rod is available in blue, black or gold and is finished off with “Tuned by Cobb” that will catch peoples attention at your local car meet. And since this part is not made of steel, you wont have to worry about rust, flaking paint or cracked finish like the stock strap.

The Cobb Polyurethane exhaust hangers are one of those parts that will make a big difference for very little money. From the factory, the stock exhaust hangs from soft rubber mounts. Everything is fine until you find yourself in a spirited drive session and the exhaust hangers allow for the occasion bang, clank or rattle from your exhaust hitting the differential or sway bar. The Cobb exhaust hangers are more dense and rigid which will prevent this rattle from occurring and they are a direct replacement to the factory set. While you are under the car, you might as well consider changing the rear sway bar links. The Cobb Tuning endlinks are threaded to easily remove all preload from the bar and provides consistent handling balance in right and left turns. This is essential if you are looking for that “handling like its on rails” feeling.

Last but not least is the MAF block off plate. Constructed of billet aluminum, the MAF block off is perfectly designed to seal the intake pipe off thanks to the shape and fitted o-ring. With the Cobb block off plate, no unfiltered air will enter the intake through the MAF flange. As an added benefit, the plate will function with the stock intake, Cobb’s SF intake or any aftermarket intake with similar MAF flange.

And if you are looking for even more FR-S / BRZ parts, be sure to check out everything we have to offer by CLICKING HERE

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