Porsche 997.2 Turbo S Photoshoot at Kearny Arizona Airport - 2,909 views

This past weekend we headed out East to do some filming of our beloved Porsche 997.2 Turbo S.  While cruising the 2 lane winding road towards Kearny, we decided to follow the signs to the Airport.  As we exited the highway to smallville, we started down a dirt path for about 1 mile which lead us to the official Kearny, Arizona air strip.  Equipped with 1 mobile home and 3 small hangers, we found some old timers wrenching on a plane.  Being the gentlemen we are, we asked if we could take a blast down the runaway.  They quickly declined but then we asked if we could shoot some pictures.  One of the old timers walked us out to where we could shoot but told us to watch out incase anyone was coming in LOL.  While our photog was shooting pics, the old timer started telling me about a Opel he was building with an electric motor conversion.  I realized that besides me wearing baggy shorts and a baseball hat, and him wearing a white tshirt and carpenter jeans, we were both car guys.  It was nice to know that when horsepower is involved, it can always surpass any type of hurdle!  Enjoy the pics.

View more photos of our Project 997.2 Turbo S Here.

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