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The all new Agency Power complete intercooler piping and short ram intakes were added to the Vivid Racing Project GT-R. We put these parts to the test on our AWD Mustang Dyno. The 3" aluminum intercooler piping replaces the stock unit with a better design to improve flow, reduce rubber hose flex, and gain throttle response. The intercooler pipes feature CNC 6061 aircraft grade aluminum machined blow off valve flanges and sensor flanges for an OEM fit. In our pictures, we retained the stock blow off valve, however we are going to add the Agency Power Blow Off Valves that can be setup 50/50 so it still recircs air and will vent air for that turbo whoosh sound. As well, we have added our new short ram intakes from Agency Power. The intakes are also aluminum 3 inch tubing with CNC machined MAF sensor mounts. The filters are from K&N so you can trust the best filter possible is on the car. We utilize the front induction cone filter which lines up with the factory air intake scoops for the best cool air to be drawn in. These pipes are done in wrinkle red, however we also have them in polished and can do custom finishes for personalization.

Once all the parts were fitted and tested, we strapped the car on the dyno to see how they perform. The car ONLY has the Meisterschaft Titanium Exhaust and the COBB AccessPort Stage 1 map on it. With the addition of the intercooler pipe and intakes, we gained 36 wheel horsepower and 24ft/lbs of torque. From the dyno graph, you can see that the power is CONSISTANTLY strong with gains throughout the entire power band. This yield us an end result of 500 all wheel horsepower on 91 octane on our Mustang dyno. Put 93 octane or even 100 octane and mount this car on a DynoJet and you will see an impressive 530-540awhp.

Next up for our project we will be building highflow cat downpipes from stainless steel and then retesting. We may update the intercooler cores as well. Our goal is 650 at the crank without touching the turbos and with the delicate transmission, that will be plenty of power.

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