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Do you have a product question but don’t want to register for a forum?  Hate waiting for live chat or depending on others?  Well this is our Ask a VR Sales Pro help section!  Anyone can post a question as a comment no matter the vehicle, simplicity, or complexity without fear of being flamed.  Just check back on this post and a Vivid Racing Sales Pro will have the answer you need.  Vivid Racing strives to provide the best customer support on anything automotive related.  You ask, we answer!

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8 Responses to “Ask a VR Sales Pro is All New Help Section for Product Q&A”

  1. Phillip says:

    I wondered if you could give me some insight into an issue I’m having. I just acquired a Techart exhaust for my 2007 997 turbo, The exhaust came off a lease car from a reputable Porsche shop in town. Before I installed it the only mods I had were ECU, GT2 plugs and the BMC filter. I had the exhaust installed last Friday and I loved it. Great sound, turbos spool up faster, more power etc.. A couple nights ago I got a CEL. I took it to my shop and the codes came back as cat faults (both banks)

    My tech told me the cats could be bad. That’s not good.. My question is should the ECU be re mapped after the addition of the exhaust with 200 cell cats?

    Could a re map prevent throwing codes? My tech also told me that the 200 cell cats don’t last as long as the 400’s.. Is this correct? If I need new cats from Techart do you sell them?

    I appreciate any input on this…

    Thank you,

  2. Dan says:

    Who did the ECU Flash. Must all aftermarket exhausts on the 997TT throw a CEL. VRTuned flashes the ECU which raises the O2 limits to not have a CEL for high flow cats. The factory cats are 400cel.

  3. matt says:

    will upgrading my exhaust (replacing factory) effect the warranty on my 2010 128i

  4. Dan says:

    An exhaust should never affect a warranty. I would recommend asking your dealership service advisor first. But each dealer operates differently regards to mods.

  5. matt says:

    thanks dan

    will do that

  6. Ian Dodd says:

    Hi I drive a modified BMW E92 SE COUPE 335i ON AN 06 PLATE who sells the best fitting 3in Catted downpipes with ceramic coating and can you supply me with them and at what cost? I hear good things about the A&R DESISGNE PIPES . thanks Ian

  7. Dan says:

    Ian, please see our Agency Power downpipes and exhaust on the links below. We can ceramic coat the downpipes for you at an additional charge of $300. We ship worldwide so let me know if you want to order!


  8. Brian says:

    Hey i have a b18a1 with cp 81mm pistons and crower pro rods(c-to-c = 5.394. BE Bore = 1.890. BE Width = 0.935). I was planning on getting the crower lightweight crank from your website, and i noticed it is a 92mm stroke. I was wondering if i bought this would there be any problems with stroke, or does it matter. such as deck height begin to low or high. Im just trying to go with close to stock strokes and sizes on my pieces.

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