Ballin NSX with Sexy Advan’s - 1,144 views

This is one of our sales guy Ahmed’s ( ext. 231) customer. This NSX thing is show or track ready. The NSX on it’s own get head whipping attention, but when you add a sick set of Advan’s on it, it’s a wrap. There’s no head that won’t turn when this thing goes by. We can’t say it enough. If you’re strapped for money or just getting into the tuning scene and you want to make a noticeable difference in your car, but not break that bank, a set of wheels is the solution. We have a gang of great brands and sales people who can help you find the perfect setup for your ride.

If you’re looking to throw down some dough, go with Niche or HRE’s if you’re looking for something that looks like HRE’s and Niches, but you don’t have to sell your first born child for, go with Volk, ADV.1 or Avant Garde. If you’re set on brand names HRE just released their first line of flowform wheels that are just a reliable, stylish and durable but they are made with a more cost effective process,. You can rock HRE’s, a new set of DC’s, AND still have enough to take your chick out.

Don’t let your car look normal, make it stand out with a new set of wheels!







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