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When this customer contacted me about wanting to get his Jaguar XF Supercharged sedan flashed, I was on board!  Such a unique and cool car, the Jaguar XF comes stock with 470 horsepower.  Like any forced induction vehicle, it stands very strong to gain big with a ECU Tune.  VRTuned did a bench flash on this ECU since OBDII was not an option.  On our Mustang Dyno running the car in AWD, we had a ambient temperature of about 100F using 91 octane.  This is a cocktail for low reads, but what matter to us was the before and after gains.  Naturally cooler temperatures and better fuel will yield higher results.

Being supercharged, its Horsepower and Torque are usually on a perfect match and this was evident with gains of 40awhp and 40ft/lbs of torque at 5300 rpm.  The Jaguar gained consistantly from 3000rpm to about 6000rpm.  A high flow exhaust and smaller supercharger pulley would be the next step to gaining about 75 wheel horsepower from this cat.

Check out the pictures and video below and feel free to comment away!  Buy your Jaguar XF ECU Tune here.  View the how to remove a Jaguar XF ECU here.



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3 Responses to “Jaguar XF V8 Supercharged Gets ECU Tune by VRTuned”

  1. Jeff says:

    Pretty weak dyno numbers I had the same car and dyno’ed at AMP Performace with 448.62 RWHP? I know dynojet reads about 8% higher than a Mustang but your numbers are really bad.

    My car also ran a wheel spinning 12.85 @ 112.73mph before Speedworld closed down

  2. Dan says:

    Pretty nice comment. Please bring your car over and let us pay you $100 too. What matters is the delta from the ecu flash, not the numbers ran.

  3. JK says:

    jeff said: “Pretty weak dyno”

    It isn’t weak on the road! That’s my car, the gains are substancial. It never stops pulling.

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