Track Day in Brazil – BMW M5 V10 Runs the Circuit - 1,158 views

Brazil is one of the new hotbeds for performance and racing enthusiasts.  With F1 fans just as popular as soccer fans, Brazil offers some of the greatest motorsports events around.  One of our customers recently equipped his BMW E60 M5 with some new products to help the powerful V10 stop.  The full size sedan has all the necessary functions for the track.  Its EDC suspension helps keep the RWD car flat around corners.  The dynamic seats inflate to keep the driver from sliding around in the turns.  Pushing the M button ignites 500 horsepower.  But what this massive sedan needs is stopping power.  This particular V10 is equipped with the Pagid RS19 yellow pads.  The RS19 is known as a great weekend track pad that gives much more bite then stock pads do.  It has a higher heat coefficient so once bed in and warmed up, the pads help stop when needed without brake fade.  Its sister pad, the Pagid RS29 yellow can be used on the street because it has a little bit more of initial bite.  If you want to learn more about Brake Upgrades for the track, go here.

Check out the pictures and videos from our customers track day in Brazil!

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