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About a year ago we posted pictures of VR Sales Rep Sean McGill’s Honda Fit with an aggressive 18×8.5″ set of Rotiform BLQ wheels mounted, recently the Fit has gone a new direction for its final build.

Ditching the 18’s Sean opted to choose a more classic JDM style build with a lightweight set of 15×6.5 +35mm SSR Type-C wheels in their bronze finish, tires were addressed with Falken 205/50/15 to fit well within the previously rolled and pulled fenders while keeping full function without any rubbing issues. Getting the car closer to the pavement comes from help of Tanabe’s Pro S0-C coilovers, dispelling a popular belief that a firm or harsh ride is a sign of a performance suspension, the short stroke, shortened case dampener of the S-0C is unique in that its internal construction allows it to deliver superior handling without sacrificing strength or ride comfort.

With attention turned to the exterior and the limited availability of aero parts for the USDM GE8 Fit the mods were kept simple and clean. Mugen was chosen for the front lip to tighten the ground clearance bit more, Mugen-style vent-visors. For the bumper grill and hatch,  JDM Jazz badges took place of  the USDM Fit badges, and JDM RS badges were added to represent the monster of a 1.5 Liter L15A motor. All in all,  30+ MPG and simple add-ons its a clean daily driver with enough interior cabin space to fulfill your day to day needs.





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