Project Porsche 981 Cayman S Updates – Photo Shoot With New Additions

This Sapphire Blue Metallic 981 Cayman S is Turning Heads Wherever it goes

The project Porsche Cayman S just keeps getting better and better. We originally posted up a introduction to this vehicle back in December (Original Blog post). At that time the vehicle was completely stock with the exception of VRTuning software. Fast forward a few months and now the vehicle has made a complete transformation. Even though the modifications done may seem minimal, they have accomplished a ton in terms of aesthetics and performance. Here are the additions that were made to the vehicle:

MRR FS2 Flow Forged Wheels

First off we will talk about the new wheels. MRR Design is a company based out of Los Angeles California. This company has been in the wheel game for quite some time and have produced private label wheels as well as original equipment for manufacturers. The choice to go with these wheels were based on styling, optimal sizes and more importantly weight. The FS2 is a flow forged model which has great strength properties and a light weight design. The design process allows for a hybrid cast/forging process which allows the wheels to be much stronger than a cast counterpart. This process also enables the use of less material which = less weight. The finish on the wheels is top quality and provides a great contrast against the red Porsche calipers and the sapphire blue paint. For the price of these wheels, the quality is quite amazing.

Wheel Specifications:

  • 20×8.5 +45 Front
  • 20×10 +35 Rear
  • Brushed Dark Clear Finish
  • ~23 pounds front and ~26 pounds rear

Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-26 Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-23 Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-24

H&R Sport Lowering Springs

Possibly one of the most dramatic upgrades was the installation of the H&R Sport lowering springs. The GT4 Model offered a slightly lower suspension from the factory to improve handling. This not only made the chassis stiffer, the vehicle also sits closer to the ground. The standard ride height on the Cayman S has quite a bit of wheel gap and can feel “Soft” at times. The new H&R springs give you a firmer ride with improved spring rates to help with handling. It also removed about 1.3 inches of wheel gap from the front and 1.2 inches from the rear. This allows the new 20″ MRR wheels to sit flush with the fender yet have enough travel for daily driving.

Spring Specifications:

  • 1.3″ Front Lowering
  • 1.2″ Rear Lowering
  • With Pasm
 28865-1  H&R Sport Springs Porsche 981 Boxster S with PASM 12-16   $499.00  $324.35  

Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-1 Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-3 Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-8 Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-12 Porsche_CaymanS_MRRWheels-13

Agency Power Exhaust Muffler System

Every Porsche enthusiast knows that the stock exhaust system is lacking in terms of flow and noise. Our remedy for the situation was an Agency Power dual tip muffler system. This full stainless exhaust system not only frees up lost power from the restrictive factory exhaust, it adds a great deep exhaust note. From the second you put your foot on the throttle you will notice the upgrade in noise and throttle response. It will continue to make power all the way into the top of the RPM range. This product fits both the 2.7l models and the new 3.4l flat 6 engines. This exhaust compliments the VRTuned ECU flash and allows for even better results from the tune. If you are looking for a more sporty tone with proven power gains, this exhaust system is a great choice.

AP-981-170  Agency Power Exhaust Muffler System Porsche 981 Cayman | Boxster | GT4   $1,295.00  


Agency Power Harness Bar

Last but not least, we have the Agency Power Harness bar. The name of the product is pretty self explanatory, but the execution and factory look make this a top of the line product. With very minimal modification you are able to have a proper harness mount that does not obstruct vision and looks like it came directly from Porsche. Available in several different finishes, customers are able to customize the look to match their style or interior options. This is a great addition for those who like to see occasional track use but do not want to have to cut up and destroy their interior. With the new wheels, sticky tires and improved handling and added power, this car is begging to be driven hard.

AP-981-500  Agency Power Bolt-In Harness Bar Porsche 981 Cayman S GT4   $600.00  


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  1. Matt says:

    That Cayman looks just about perfect! The color and stance are just awesome!

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