How To Wire The Valvetronic Controller For VR Performance Catback Exhaust On A Honda Civic Type R FK8

This guide is intended to aid in the installation of the VR Performance Valvetronic exhaust for the Honda Civic Type R (FK8).

Installation Difficulty:

Step 1)

Plug the black clip with a grey retainer into the valve on the exhaust system.

Step 2)

Route the wire above the rear subframe and fuel tank mounting point along the driver’s side.

Step 3)

Run the wiring along the driver’s side frame rail between the undercarriage skid plate.

Step 4)

Locate the grommet that leads into the cabin which is located on the front driver floor board.

Step 5)

Pull the carpet back to reveal the grommet on the interior. De-pin the green connector by using a small flathead and fish the wire through the grommet into the cabin.

Step 6)

Re-pin the connector once fed into the vehicle and plug it into the back of the blue control module.

Step 7)

Screw the receiver antenna into the control module.

Step 8)

Connect the power harness to the control module and plug it into a 12v socket.

Step 9)

Tuck the box against the door jamb and re-install the carpet.

Step 10)

Enjoy your new VR Performance Valvetronic Exhaust!