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The Mitsubishi Evolution is no longer in production, but it’s legacy lives on. This vehicle has been an amazing platform for tuners and comes very well equipped . The Evolution from the factory comes with modified body panels, Recaro seating surfaces, AWD, plus a potent turbo charged 4 cylinder engine. All of these features packed into a fairly light chassis with endless modification potential is exactly what has attracted buyers for years.

This customers red Mitsubishi Evo X may look fairly stock at first glance, but he has many desirable parts installed. Below is a list of what is done to this owners vehicle with links on where you can snag them for yourself. For this Post we are only focused on the Exterior modifications that are done to the car.

First are the wheels. These are a set of Volk Racing TE37SL in pressed double black. Not only do these wheels shave un-sprung weight from the vehicle, they also are very good looking. This particular set of TE37SL are also much wider than the factory supplied enkei, which allow for a larger width tire to aid with traction.

 WVDX22WPDB  Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition Wheel 18×9.5 5×120 22mm   $793.00  $753.35  

Next, is the suspension set up on the vehicle. Currently there are a set of Tein Flex Z Full coilovers installed. This suspension set up allows for a large range of adjustment in order to satisfy the drivers needs. When set up properly, the Tein system can be a very comfortable and precise. This all depends on height, rebound settings, camber, alignment ect. This owner has his ride height set up fairly conservatively, but the car handles like its on rails.

DSE18-6USS4  TEIN Type Flex Coilover System Mitsubishi EVO X 08-12   $1,660.00  $1,577.00  

Sticking out the back of the rear diffuser are two tips from a HKS Legamax exhaust. This system includes an exhaust center pipe and a full rear section. The EVO X was the first Evolution to use a dual exist exhaust, instead of a single pipe out of the back. It’s a love hate thing for some, performance gains for either are roughly the same. This time it is more of a personal preference choice. Many Nostalgic owners opt for the single exit though. This system has dual titanium styled burnt tips.

31021-AM004  HKS Legamax Premium Rear Section Exhaust Mitsubishi EVO X 08-12   $615.00  $516.60  
33004-AM001  HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust Center Pipe Mitsubishi EVO X 08-12   $450.00  $378.00  

Last but not least, a simple add on vortex generator. This carbon fiber part sits on the roof of the Evolution X. In theory, the generator adds down force to the vehicle and smooths out the airflow path going over the rear towards the trunk.  A basic application makes DIY installation easy for anyone. The part simply attaches with 3M double sided automotive tape, adding a sporty presence and functionality in minutes.

R155A  Rexpeed Carbon Vortex Generator EVO X SSS Flat Roof   $325.00  $275.00  

If you or anyone you know is looking for aftermarket Mitsubishi Evolution parts, we can get nearly anything. Whether it is a set of wheels, or JDM bumpers sent straight from Japan. We can source those hard to find items. Please get in touch with a aftermarket Performance specialist by calling 1-480-966-3040 or sending an email to Sales@vividracing.com . We are here to help you complete your dream build!

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