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Since today is 86 Day, we thought it only fitting to share some of the latest and greatest parts available for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a new car is ride height and suspension performance. Coilovers offer you the greatest flexibility and control ability of any suspension piece. You can dial in your ride height, control your comfort level and ensure your car is performing at the highest level. There are some big names in the coilover industry including KW Suspension, Cusco and Tein who have all stepped up to create great suspension options for your FR-S / BRZ. Click Here to view those now!

Once you have your car riding right, its time to address the wheels. And since this is a Japanese manufactured car, you might as well go JDM wheels. Vivid Racing offers a wide selection of FR-S / BRZ fitments from brands such as Volk Racing, Advan, Gram Lights and 57motorsports. All of them offer great designs, high quality finishes and a variety of price points. Wheels really come down to what you like and what you do.

The car is now lowered and wheels have been covered, so what is next you ask? How about aerodynamic enhancements that are both functional and highly stylish. Chargespeed has developed one of the most tasteful kits for the FR-S and BRZ. The BottomLine carbon add-ons act as a downforce producing, head turning aerodynamic kit perfectly suited for the newest tuner car. As an added bonus, no bumper body panel replacement required. If you are looking for a more factory look, check out the Modellista options that enhance the look while still maintaining the factory fitment. These are the same pieces offered through some dealers but at a substantially lower price.

Now we have covered the look of the BRZ and FR-S pretty extensively. It is time to conquer the performance and this is where Agency Power shines. Months of testing have gone into developing performance parts for the Subaru/Scion mash-up. The catback exhaust, midpipe, header and pulley have combined to give this car a 25+ horsepower and 15+ torque gains. That is an impressive feat for the naturally aspirated engine that comes stock with 200 hp.

So what have we learned? Vivid Racing has everything you need to make your Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ the talk of the car meet and champ at the track. We can get you the performance and style you deserve at the best prices. So when you are ready to take your car to the highest level, visit our online catalog HERE!

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