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Performance Racing Brake Information

Vivid Racing carries many different brake components for your performance vehicle.  Big brake kits, brake pads, brake rotors, brake fluid, steel braided brake lines, and more.  You can view our whole performance racing brake catalog here -

Why is upgrading to a Big Brake Kit a good idea?
Stock brake systems work well for a single 60-0 or 80-0 stop and average daily street driving. Most performance enthusiast quickly push the stock brake system beyond its capabilities on the track and even street. Driving style and other performance modifications such as increased horsepower, tire and suspension upgrades quickly add up to overpowering stock brakes. A big brake kit will provide increased heat capacity, which means substantially more resistance to brake fade and caliper distortion with multiple stops from high speed. A firmer pedal due to stronger and stiffer components, as well as better modulation characteristics under threshold braking are also typical with a properly balanced brake upgrade.

What does a Big Brake Kit Usually Include?
Big brake kits by Rotora or Brembo from Vivid Racing are complete and ready to install. They include a two-, four-, six-, eight-, or twelve-piston caliper (depending on application) with pistons sized specifically for the target vehicle preserving balance and ABS compatibility. Also included is a pair of race quality 2 piece rotors, pre-assembled with billet aluminum hats that are full floating and have anti-rattle hardware. A pair of caliper mounting brackets with stainless steel mounting studs pre-installed are included, as well as stainless steel brake lines engineered to be properly and safely routed for each application. A set of high performance street pads completes the package. All mounting hardware and a set of illustrated instructions are also included.

Do I need a different master cynlinder or bias adjustment valve with a Big Brake Kit?
No you will not.  Most manufactures calipers are engineered with the correct piston diameters for each application.  The brake kits will work with your stock master cylinder and stock pressure limiting valve (often called proportioning valve). There is no need to modify or remove the pressure-limiting valve, and no additional proportioning valve is needed. All Big Brake Kits will also work with your ABS and traction control systems (improperly designed upgrades can confuse the ABS)

Do I have to make any modifications to my car to install your big brake kit?
In the rare occasion where modification may be necessary, detailed instructions are included to guide you through the modifications. Typical modifications might be a slight clearance of the upright where the caliper bracket attaches and trimming or removal of the dust shield/splash guard plate. In some instances, a more dramatic modification may be necessary, which will be thoroughly outlined in the installation manual.  9 times out of 10 the installation is a direct bolt-on. 

Why is the pad and rotor break-in procedure so important?
Not properly breaking in your pads and rotors can cause permanent damage to the rotors and adversely effect overall brake performance. Pads and rotors interact with each other to provide efficient brake performance. The break-in or bed-in procedure is done to condition the pad/rotor surfaces. Depending on the pad used, more or less pad material is uniformly transferred onto the disc as a thin film. The resins and bonding agents in some pads need to be heat cycled to work properly as well. By not properly bedding in pads, uneven pad material deposits can occur that may cause a vibration. Improper wear characteristics may also show up on either the pads, or rotors, or both. Always follow the recommended break-in procedure for any pads, rotors or brake systems.  The general rule for street applications is to do about 8 60-0 hard stops where the ABS is used.  Depending on the compound, you may need to do different speed interval stops as well. 

Can I install a Big Brake Kit on my own?
If you have a basic knowledge of working on cars including changing your brake pads, rotors, and bleeding your brakes, then installation of your Big Brake Kit will not be too difficult.  Most all kits includes detailed illustrated instructions.  Our customer service team is always available for any assistance you may have via phone, email, or live support.  If you complete this installation yourself, understand the complexity of your brake system and make sure you double check everything before a test drive.  If you choose to have a qualified mechanic do the work, they should have no problem.  A typical first time installation will take 2-3 hours per axle. In some instances where modifications to the suspension may be necessary, special tools or skills may be required.

What kind of brake fluid should I use?
As with brake pads, there are several choices of quality brake fluids available. Generally a DOT 4 synthetic brake fluid is best for the system on and off the track.  Vivid Racing recommends Motul RBF600 due to its higher boiling point and almost universal compatibility with OE brake systems. 

A bigger pad means better braking, right?
A bigger pad of the same compound in the same location as a smaller pad will not yield shorter stopping distances. The amount of pressure applied, pad friction coefficient, and the diameter on the rotor at which that pressure is applied, determine the torque reaction, or stopping force. A bigger pad does not apply more pressure, only the same pressure over a bigger area. Where the size of the pad matters is in terms of heat capacity and wear rate. A larger pad will absorb more initial heat (less thermal shock), and have better wear characteristics (longer pad life).

Will a Big Brake kit fit my stock wheels?
Fitting a Big Brake Kit with the stock wheels depends on the application.  Usually the issue is not wheel offset rather caliper height.  However some offsets and spoke designs cause the caliper outside to hit.  Wheel width and offset have nothing to do with this clearance area; it is strictly a function of the spoke design.  Be sure you check with us on your wheel fitment BEFORE committing to a wheel set or big brake upgrade.

You can view our whole performance racing brake catalog here -


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