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AEM Electronics Engine Position Module Honda Accord SE 2.3L | 2254ccL4 [F23A1] 2000

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AEM Electronics

Model #30-3255

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AEM's Engine Position Module (EPM) Puck is a universal module that replaces an engine's distributor and allows for the use of coil-on-plug or wasted-spark ignition systems on popular V8 and Honda B-, D-, H-, and F-series race engines. It provides precise engine position using dual zero-speed optical sensors, which offers the advantage of immediate signal generation regardless of engine speed. The EPM easily adapts to any positive-drive, half-engine speed device such as a cam or distributor drive, and can be used with any aftermarket engine management system that recognizes the common 24 & 1 pattern for crank and cam signals.


  • Bolt-on systems available for most popular V8 race engines and Honda B-, D-, H-, and F-series race engines
  • Very simple four-wire connection for easy installation (12V, ground, crank signal, and cam signal)
  • EPM manufactured from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum
  • Output signal amplitude and waveform stay constant at all RPM
  • 24-tooth crank, 1-tooth cam pattern per engine cycle for accurate timing and easy set up (Pattern available in cam/crank sensor wizard in AEMPro/Tuner)
  • Shock absorbing elastomer drive system eliminates potential for ignition timing deviation and protects the EPM from vibration

1.  Acura
  • Acura
    • Acura CL 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A1] 1998
    • Acura CL Premium 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A1] 98-99
    • Acura CL/CL Premium 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B1] 1997
  • Acura Integra
    • Acura Integra GS-R 1.7L/1678ccL4 [B17A1] 92-93
    • Acura Integra GS-R 1.8L/1797ccL4 [B18C1] 94-01
    • Acura Integra GS/LS/RS/Special Edition 1.8L/1834ccL4 [B18A1] 90-01
    • Acura Integra LS/RS/LS Special Edition 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16A1] 86-89
    • Acura Integra Type R 1.8L/1797ccL4 [B18C5] 00-01
    • Acura Integra Type R 1.8L/1797ccL4 [B18C5] 97-98
2.  Honda
  • Honda Accord
    • Honda Accord 10th Anniversary/EX/DX/LX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22A1] 90-93
    • Honda Accord 25th Anniversary Edition/DX/SE/LX/Value Package 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2] 94-97
    • Honda Accord EX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22A4] 90-91
    • Honda Accord EX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B1] 94-97
    • Honda Accord EX/LX 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A1] 98-02
    • Honda Accord EX/LX/SE/DX 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A4] 98-02
    • Honda Accord SE 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A1] 2000
    • Honda Accord SE 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A1] 2002
    • Honda Accord SE/EX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22A6] 91-93
  • Honda Civic
    • Honda Civic CX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B8] 92-95
    • Honda Civic del Sol VTEC 1.6L/1590ccL4 [B16A2] 96-97
    • Honda Civic del Sol VTEC 1.6L/1590ccL4 [B16A3] 94-95
    • Honda Civic DX/LX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B2] 88-91
    • Honda Civic DX/LX/del Sol S 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B7] 92-95
    • Honda Civic EX/del Sol Si 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y8] 96-00
    • Honda Civic EX/Si/del Sol Si 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Z6] 92-95
    • Honda Civic HX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y5] 96-00
    • Honda Civic Including Wagovan 1.5L/1493ccL4 88-91
    • Honda Civic RT 4WD/Si/EX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16A6] 88-91
    • Honda Civic Si 1.6L/1595ccL4 [B16A2] 99-00
    • Honda Civic Si/CRX Si 1.5L/1487ccL4 85-87
    • Honda Civic Value Package/CX/DX/LX/del Sol S 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y7] 96-00
    • Honda Civic VX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15Z1] 92-95
  • Honda CR-V
    • Honda CR-V LX/EX 2.0L/1972ccL4 [B20B4] 97-98
    • Honda CR-V SE/EX/LX 2.0L/1972ccL4 [B20Z2] 99-01
  • Honda CRX
    • Honda CRX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B2] 89-91
    • Honda CRX DX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B2] 1988
    • Honda CRX HF 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B6] 90-91
    • Honda CRX HF 1.5L/1493ccL4 88-89
    • Honda CRX Si 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16A6] 88-91
  • Honda Odyssey
    • Honda Odyssey EX/LX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B6] 95-97
    • Honda Odyssey EX/LX 2.3L/2234ccL4 [F23A7] 1998
  • Honda Prelude
    • Honda Prelude S 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22A1] 92-96
    • Honda Prelude Si 4WS 2.3L/2259ccL4 93-94
    • Honda Prelude Si 4WS/SE/Si 2.3L/2259ccL4 [H23A1] 92-96
    • Honda Prelude VTEC 2.2L/2156ccL4 [H22A1] 93-96
    • Honda Prelude/Prelude Type SH 2.2L/2156ccL4 [H22A4] 97-01

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  • Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Honda Accord

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