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Intake Tubing

High-Performance Intake Tubing

In the intake system of a vehicle, because of the flow properties of turbulent air, the cleaner the airflow is, the more energy the engine receives. To drive your car's engine to its capacity, turbulent air will make the throttle body fail to obtain what it wants. You will be capable of overcoming this issue and ensure that your vehicle gets proper airflow from the airbox by finding the appropriate Intake Tubes.

There is a range of possible choices for Air Intake Tubes when designing a custom air intake system. Choose from, and other finishes, aluminum, stainless steel, or silicone. The tubes of excellent quality are easy to mount and would not cause a check engine light. Without you wanting to re-tune your engine, the air intake tubing would give dyno-proven efficiency improvements.

Silicon intake tubes reduce heat soak while retaining the high-efficiency standards of the stock airbox. These hoses, manufactured with heavy-grade silicone, provide exceptional temperature resistance, making them suitable for charged-air, cooling, and heating applications. Aside from surviving longer and doing well in harsh circumstances, they would not distort. These tubes substitute high temperature hardened silicone material for the factory OEM restricting intake tube and maintain the stock sound tube. For both types of cars and trucks, it's an affordable and realistic performance improvement.

What is Air Intake Tube?

The air intake tube is, to put it plainly, the only route for air to enter the combustion engine. It links the air filter and the engine's intake manifold within the air filter casing. It covers the distance between the air filter position and the engine, which is essential for closing the airflow, as it is small.

Let's Explore The Air Intake System

The throttle body, mass flow sensor, and air filter are three significant components of a typical air intake system. Realizing how these elements work will get you closer to understanding the value of a well-conditioned air intake tube.

A wide, bent tube, labeled the intake tube, bridges the intake manifold and air filter gap. It may have a metal or plastic (composite) intake tube or a rubber boot, which is regarded more specifically as the MAF sensor boot, depending on the vehicle.

Different Types of Intake Tubes

When selecting a new air intake tube, one aspect to remember is the content. You first have to know the attributes and characteristics of each material before you pick. Here are the popular materials for intake tubes that you can typically find:

Metal Intake Tubes

Tubes made of metal deliver power and visual appeal. The polished chrome or anodized titanium finish is pursued by some people opting for metal tubes.

Composite Intake Tubes

Composite tubes provide longevity and are highly lightweight, although being more costly. Thermoplastic and carbon fiber are some of the predominant material tubes you can use.

Silicone and Rubber Intake Tubes

The most versatile fabrics are silicone and rubber boots since they can bend in any way. They are not the most stable, though, and routine check-ups for guaranteed symptoms will be necessary.

Symptoms of a Faulty Intake Tube

Effect damage and loose-fitting are the typical main suspects for failed intake tubes. In the air intake system, all of these will cause considerable problems that could lead to low fuel consumption and engine quality. The typical signs of a defective intake tube are the following.

  • Idling Issues
  • Stalling of the Car
  • Poor Performance of your Car

How Much For Aftermarket Air Intake Tubes?

Aftermarket intake tubes will cost you from $15 to $400 on Vivid Racing. To fit your pick, there are a variety of labels and products to choose from. As a specific item or as a part of a kit, you can buy yours.

We Have The Right Air Intake Tubes For You!

Put very clearly, the intake tube of a car is the part that brings air into the engine. To produce combustion, the air is then combined with fuel, which makes the engine work. Thus, the intake tube performs a comparatively small but still significant role in making the car roll.

Many manufacturers and aftermarket intake tubing are taken care of by this easy work, but the question is: Which is the correct one for your car? Vivid Racing will benefit you if you are repairing your intake tube because of an accident, or you are preparing to update your air intake system as a whole and need advice on the sort of intake tube to buy!

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From fitment help from our in-house experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your Air Intake Tubes every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Air Intake Tubes or accessories and upgrades, and in return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

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