What is AutoPower Industries?

Motorsport racing is an activity perfect for speed freaks who want to experience the adrenaline of going fast around a closed and controlled environment. But before you engage yourself into this, you need to make sure that your vehicle is well equipped to do the job. Of course it's obvious that you need a fast car to win, but keep in mind that safety should be your top priority. Roll cages are one of the main safety equipment your car should have, and this is what Autopower is all about.

AutoPower Industries is the number one producer of bolt-in roll bars and roll cages. A majority of their cages are compliant to SCCA and NASA rules. AutoPower Safety Equipment knows exactly what is required to keep you safe no matter what, especially in competitive situations. The brand has invested a great deal of time into developing and perfecting each product to offer the proper fitment and highest level of strength. Today, Autopower is considered as one of the go-to brands when it comes manufacturing roll cages and safety equipment used in motorsport racing.

AutoPower’s Extensive Experience

AutoPower Industries has over 45 years of experience in manufacturing and safety equipment. They are not a “one size fits all shop.” The company understands the custom requirements of racing and meets or exceeds the standards for most competition sanctioned organizations.

To this day, AutoPower Industries continues to research and develop safety products, testing the limits of their designs and fabrication skills in all aspects of motorsports. This covers everything from drag racing and drifting to road racing and land speed trials. AutoPower Industries’ hard work and dedication have led them to numerous championships, wins, and world records across the motorsport world. By applying what they have learned from various races, they were able to create products that helped save the lives of many race car drivers everywhere.

Quality We Trust

Using painted black tubing, their cages are designed to fit like OEM; however, they require drilling into the frame for installation. Some configurations offer removal harnesses and diagonal bars as well as door bars. Vivid Racing has used AutoPower Industries’ cages in several of our own project cars from the Pepsi RX8, Porsche 996 Turbo, and our Nissan 240sx Drift Car.

AutoPower Parts at Vivid Racing

If you are looking to add some safety to your ride, AutoPower Industries has the vehicle-specific parts you need. We have a wide assortment of roll bars and roll cages, in addition to several interior accessories. To know more about Autopower Industries, visit Vivid Racing or call one of our parts specialists today at (480) 966-3040 to learn more and find out what product may be best for you.