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Who is Baja Designs?

Baja Designs has been in the aftermarket industry for over 25 years. It was born out of a passion for offroading. 

Initially, they specialize in creating lighting equipment for motorcycles, which helped produce champions in different motorcycle racing events. 

Today, Baja Designs offers lighting equipment for various vehicles such as automobiles, ATVs, Trucks, UTVs and 

even boats. 

Redefining the Lighting Industry

Baja has been at the forefront of the industry due to its continuous quest for innovations and pushing the boundaries of the lighting equipment. 

They were the first ones to introduce an HID light for motorcycle use, which immensely helped racers then. They applied this technology to all their products making its way to automobiles. 

Today, they are developing better products by introducing LED light bars. 

Made with Quality

All of Baja Designs products are made with high-quality standards. They have an inhouse facility in San Marcos, California, that helps them control the manufacturing process, ensuring that all their products come out perfectly and consistently. 

The company only uses Cree LED Bulbs, which is considered the best in the industry, and aircraft-grade aluminum for its housing for better strength. 

Purchase Baja Design at Vivid Racing

If you want a piece of better and brighter lighting equipment for your vehicle, then why not just go for the best? Baja Designs have proven itself to be the top player in the market by providing quality products. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of products specific to your needs.