About Belltech Suspension

Belltech has built a reputation in the automotive industry for producing some of the best lowering kits available on the market. Belltech’s lowering kits are known for their ability to safely, effectively, and efficiently lower a truck. Each Belltech lowering kit, Belltech shock, and Belltech suspension system allows you to customize your truck so that it is perfectly suited to your driving needs. It’s the perfect combination of form and function, so your vehicle can look good, stand strong, and deliver a high-quality ride every time.

The History of Belltech

Over 35 years ago, a small company in Fresno, California had an idea to build the “best performing” lowering suspensions for the Chevrolet pickup. Fresno had been a haven for lowered vehicles and trucks were in abundance there. Trucks of all kinds were being lowered; however, their suspensions were quite terrible and not very roadworthy. Springs were being replaced with new ones that were not necessarily meant for the application. At times, they were even cut and heated with torches at local muffler shops to achieve the lowered stance that was considered to be cool. While the end result was an attractive stance, the ride quality was terrible and comfort levels dropped dramatically.

Belltech had a better idea: build a spindle where the wheels are higher, but the rest of the front end geometrically remains the same. And that’s exactly what they did. Belltech came up with a spindle that launched the Sport truck craze in America.

Belltech’s success in the late ‘80s and ‘90s made it possible for the company to grow from a modest beginning to a larger manufacturing facility with a satellite warehouse. In 2015, the company expanded to its current 75,000-plus square-foot operation located in Clovis, California. The Clovis facility has made it possible to increase every aspect of the operation.

What Does Belltech Suspension Offer?

When it comes to lowering kits, Belltech has the experience, expertise, and technology to conquer any obstacle. Belltech has been producing lowering kits for more than three decades, providing customers with high-performance lowering kits that look good and perform incredibly well.

As the truck trend grew, more and more owners wanted their vehicles equipped with Belltech lowering kits. This allowed Belltech to expand its lineup and offer lowering kits for more makes and models. Today, there is a Belltech lowering kit for most trucks and SUVs from premium manufacturers like Dodge, Jeep, Ford, General Motors, and Toyota.

Even if you are not in the market for a complete Belltech kit, Belltech offers a wide selection of suspension components that cover everything from lowering, leveling, lifting, and OEM replacement parts. This includes lowering blocks, anti-sway bars, shocks & struts, coilovers, spindles, springs, torsion bar keys, leaf springs, flip kits, shackles, and hangers.

Upgrade to Belltech Suspension Today

No matter what your lowered truck suspension needs are, Belltech is there with products to satisfy every desire. If you are interested in getting a Belltech lowering kit or other shock or suspension component, Vivid Racing can help. We offer a wide selection of Belltech suspension products, including coilovers, driveshafts, drop/lift kits, leaf springs, shocks, springs, sway bars, and much more! If you are interested in learning more above Belltech Suspension, please call us at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to working with you on upgrading your vehicle’s suspension for a more aggressive appearance, comfortable ride, and an overall difference that you can feel.