Berk Technology

What Is Berk Technology?

Berk Technology is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket automotive products for a number of European and Japanese sports cars. More specifically, Berk Technology produces high-performance parts for Honda (S2000, Civic Si), Nissan (240SX, 350Z, 270Z, Altima, Maxima), Infiniti (G35, G37), Toyota (MR2), Scion (FRS), Mitsubishi (EVO VIII, IX), BMW (135i, 335i, 535i), and more! Berk Technology is constantly growing and expanding its lineup, so it’s important to check back and browse their latest developments and product offerings. 

The Berk Technology facility houses a state-of-the-art research & development center where extensive testing goes into each and every one of their products. What’s more, all of its products undergo rigorous testing both on and off the track to ensure the utmost in quality, strength, and performance prior to reaching the automotive market.

What Makes Berk Technology Special?

Berk Technology has proven itself as one of the leaders in exhaust development and manufacturing with a focus on performance and racing applications. Berk Technology’s extensive racing experience in events like Redline Time Attack, Super Street / Euro Tuner Time Attack, NASA, and SCCA allows it to maintain a solid link between motorsports and street-driven applications. The brand’s consecutive championships, race wins, and multiple track records are a true testament to the quality and performance of Berk Technology products. Very few other manufacturers out there have such close ties between their race and street applications. 

The championship-winning motorsports program at Berk Technology is at the heart of its R&D department where new products and ideas are tested in the harshest conditions imaginable. Each individual product that Berk designs, manufactures, and sells for your sports car contains the well-respected and reputable race-bred DNA of a motorsports champion. In other words, you can count on Berk Technology to deliver quality products with track-tested and race-proven success.

Upgrade to Berk Technology Today

If you have been aching to upgrade your vehicle’s performance and power figures, look no further than Berk Technology. Vivid Racing carries a comprehensive lineup of Berk Technology products, including catback exhausts, downpipes, high-flow catalytic converters, exhaust gaskets and flanges, mid-pipes, mufflers, complete exhaust kits, and a slew of other accessories. If you have any questions regarding the items listed above or about Berk Technology, please contact our expert sales team at (480) 966-3040.