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Why Upgrade Your Front Lip?

Front lips / front spoilers are one of the most common aero modifications in the aftermarket. For many streetcars, a front lip is installed for the aesthetic appeal, but many race cars use fully functional front lips which provide a significant amount of downforce to balance out any rear aero.

A front lip spoiler is essentially a type of strip that’s attached to your vehicle’s front bumper. These components differ when it comes to design, size, and performance. Many of them are constructed with either carbon fiber or FRP, but some are constructed from aluminum.

As mentioned above, the idea behind a front lip is to increase downforce on the front of the vehicle. They work fairly similar to rear wings, with a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side that ultimately creates downforce. Applications that are designed for the track often use lip/splitter rods to help hold the lip in place at high speed.

Another benefit of installing a front lip is the possibility of increasing fuel mileage by reducing air turbulence under the car. This is why many SUVs and trucks have large front lips that reduce the gap from the front of the vehicle to the road. For example, front lip spoilers from APR Performance, are highly effective at reducing drag and provide optimal fuel economy gains.

Front lip spoilers also provide a level of protection to your car’s front bumper against scrapes, speed bumps, or cubs. We have STI JDP parts that use lightweight but durable materials for the ultimate blend of style, performance, and safety.

A lot of enthusiasts install front bumper lips spoilers purely to provide their ride with that distinctive, lowered look. These components don’t just decrease airflow and protect the front bumper against potential damages. They can enhance your car’s overall aesthetic quality, as well, by effectively making it look lower than it actually is!

There are various types of aftermarket front lips available today in different designs and materials. From a visual standpoint, a front lip will make your vehicle appear lowered and closer to the ground than it is in reality. This setup will also make your car look sportier and race-ready.

It is important to remember that you will have to be more careful with driveways, speed bumps, and potholes. Buy online or give one of our world-class professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040.