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Replacement Front Lip Spoilers

Why Does My Car Have a Lip?

Aerodynamics is a very important aspect of an automobile, especially if you drive a modified sports car or supercar.

It can be called a number of things like front lip, front spoiler, or chin spoiler.

Some install chin spoilers under their front bumpers just because it looks good. But for those into racing, a front lip is essential to provide additional downforce to balance the rear aero. And when there is more downforce, you would be more confident in taking a corner faster.

For the most part, a lip spoiler is attached to your car’s front bumper. Depending on the car and the desired performance, components of a chin spoiler will differ. Most are constructed with carbon fiber or fiber reinforced plastic, which is a lot cheaper than carbon fiber. A few lip spoilers are extruded from aluminum.

The Benefits of Having a Lip Spoiler

As we have established in the beginning, the idea behind a front lip is to increase downforce on the front of the vehicle. They work fairly similar to rear wings, with a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side that ultimately creates downforce. Applications that are designed for the track often use splitter rods to help hold the lip in place at high speed. A very good example of this is found on the Viper ACR.

Another benefit of installing a front lip is the possibility of increasing fuel mileage by reducing air turbulence under the car, which is oftentimes called “drag”. Less drag means your car cuts more efficiently through the wind. Thus, decreasing fuel consumption.

This is mainly the reason why SUVs and trucks have large front lips that reduce the gap from the front of the vehicle to the road. For example, front lip spoilers from APR Performance are highly effective at reducing drag that it saves on fuel.

Chin spoilers also provide a level of protection to your car’s front bumper against scrapes, speed bumps, or obnoxiously high curbs. We have STI JDP parts that employ lightweight but durable materials for the ultimate blend of style, performance, and safety.

A lot of enthusiasts install front bumper lips spoilers purely for aesthetics; providing their ride with that distinctive, lowered look. 

These components don’t just decrease airflow and protect the front bumper against potential damages. They can enhance your car’s entire curb appeal by effectively making it look lower than it is!

It is imperative to remember that you will have to be more careful with driveways, speed bumps, and potholes. Buy online or give one of our world-class professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040.