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Replacement Rear Bumpers

Why Upgrade Your Rear Bumper?

Regardless of if you simply drive on the street, track, off-road, or anything in between, it's easy to accidentally damage your rear bumper. Even if you have a totally fine rear bumper and just want to upgrade it with something better looking, finding the right one can be difficult.

Here at Vivid Racing, you will find a collection of rear bumpers and parts perfect for performance and off-road applications. They're also available in different styles and colors for a personalized look, from rough and rugged to sleek and race-ready!

Off-Road Bumpers

Aside from essential rear bumper replacements, we also have an extensive range of trail-ready bumpers for sale. The durable steel construction makes them impervious to cracks or breaking, and the powder-coat finishes allow them to withstand scratches better than an OEM bumper.

Featuring a higher clearance and steeper departure angles, they help you avoid obstacles on the ground. We have an assortment of bumpers perfect for your off-road beast, like those from Addictive Desert Design. Many of aftermarket off-road bumpers also feature cutouts for small LED lights and D-ring brackets. Some bumpers also feature an integrated tire carrier.

Street Car Bumpers

For the large majority of cars, the stock bumper is very basic and boring. Plus, manufacturers generally design their rear bumpers to reduce drag, rather than a design which offers increased downforce.

Our large catalog of rear bumpers can transform a mundane design into an eye-catching one. Rear bumpers come in various styles that offer a unique look to improve your car's aesthetic appeal.

In high-performance applications, FRP and carbon fiber rear bumpers are standard installations because of their lightweight features. Our rear bumpers can help your car go faster than before while also giving it a much more aggressive design.

Aftermarket exterior parts help improve your vehicle's aerodynamics by increasing downforce. To help your rear stand out even more, opt for a rear diffuser in addition to a new rear bumper. The diffuser will protrude from below the bumper and, depending on the style, give it a more aggressive appearance as you pass your competition.

We offer quality bumpers in urethane, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. No matter what you choose, whether it be a black, chrome or painted rear bumper, you will massively improve the look of your vehicle. Some rear bumper kits come with a UV coating, which will allow it to hold its high gloss finish for years to come.

Polyurethane is more flexible than fiberglass and easier to install. Carbon fiber is a recommended material for body parts, especially in racing, because it is exceptionally lightweight. Carbon fiber is easily recognizable by its woven design appearance. Many of these rear bumpers come pre-drilled for ease of fitment and installation. Aside from added styling, replacing your rear bumper can improve your vehicle's performance.

Vivid Racing's catalog of rear bumpers includes products from Addictive Desert Designs, Artisan Spirits, C-West, CBI Off-Road, ChargeSpeed, DV8 Off-Road, Flossman, INGS, JCR, KBD, Mansory, Origin, Prior Design, SmittyBuilt, Vorsteiner, and more!