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Your car’s roof protects your head. But what’s protecting your roof? When you think of body parts that need to be repaired or replaced, your roof may not be your first thought. But ask anyone who had a tree limb fall on their roof or had a hail storm, and they can tell you all about the damage to the roof. And owners of classic and muscle cars can give you stories of severe rust problems when the vinyl roofs are removed. But regardless of the damage, we've got the panels to get your vehicle back in top condition.

If you want your restoration to be perfect, repairing the damage is not the answer. The flat expanses of the average roof will show any poor body work through paint. Although it may seem to be a daunting task, the answer is to replace the entire panel. We can't make the actual job any easier, but we can help by providing everything you need to complete the job. We offer roof skins made to original sizes using modern tools made by restoration specialists. You can be confident that the roof panel you purchase from us will look exactly the same as the original one.

But if you want custom roofs, we also got you covered. Pun intended.

When we think of custom body modifications, we always focus on parts such as spoilers, air dams and side skirts that can help a car break through the wind and hug the pavement, and custom hoods that can embed cold air into the engine or allow excessive heat to escape from the engine bay. But while these are all definite upgrades to appearance and performance, when you're doing body mods, don't neglect your roof! We offer custom roofing parts made of carbon fiber and fiberglass that can lighten your car, lower the center of gravity, improve its functionality and give it a unique, eye-catching look.

No material is said to have high performance like carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has metal strength, but the carbon fiber components are generally about half the weight of comparable metal parts. Carbon fiber parts have been prevalent in racing cars for a long time, but now carbon fiber panels are also becoming standard equipment for many high-end luxury and sports cars. Our carbon fiber roof parts come with a glossy finish that allows the unmistakable carbon fiber pattern to show through and our lightweight fiberglass panels are ready for prep and painting.

Our coats, overlays and skins are outstanding appearance enhancers, but they can also be a practical repair alternative if you have damage to the roof, such as hail marks or scrapes and tree branches scratches. In addition to roof panels and covers for cups and sedans, we also have practical hard tops for convertibles in fiberglass and carbon fiber. The hard top is a sensible alternative to the soft top fabric for winter driving. Hard tops generally provide better sealing and better insulation for more consistent indoor temperatures. Hard tops are also more rugged than soft tops and better able to withstand harsh weather like ice and heavy snowfall. Keep your soft top securely folded so it's ready to go when the top-down cruising weather comes back.

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