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Headlight Covers

What are Headlight Covers and What do they do?

Beauty and protection are two things that headlight covers can give your car. Headlight covers protect your headlights from possible road damage, covering as a barrier between flying rocks, stray branches and precious headlights. Instead of spending a lot more on replacing broken or scratched lenses, getting headlight covers is a more practical solution.

More than protection, however, the headlight covers give your car a customized, stylish look that can reflect your taste and preference. Some headlight covers are made of high impact polymer for additional headlight protection. In the meantime, other headlight covers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty from trusted companies. All you need to do is choose the headlight covers with the features and benefits you're looking for and you're ready to go.

Headlight covers are cheap products designed to protect your car's headlights from damage and debris. Hugely popular as an aftermarket add-on, these covers are usually made of durable acrylic and are available in a variety of different colors for easy customization of the vehicle. They can certainly keep your ride looking great and help protect your headlights, but headlight covers are not always legal in some states.

Benefits of Headlight Covers


  • While the more durable plastic cover is designed to withstand impacts from stones, sticks and other sharp objects, film covers are here to protect your headlight from scratches, flying debris and bugs. Plastic headlight covers have a unique feature that does not cover the film and that is the reinstallation of the cover. Once you peel off a film cover, you've got to get a new one. However, it can better protect you from haze lights than plastic covers, and it's easier to install.


  • One very clear advantage of protecting your headlights with covers is that you will save some money in the long run. You would spend a lot less money replacing the headlight cover rather than the whole headlight. Plus, since the covers are quite easy to install, you're going to save a lot of time and nerves. When you hit the road, buy additional covers – just in case you need to replace the existing one with a new one.

Virtually Maintenance Free

  • As far as maintenance is concerned, the plastic headlight covers require the bare minimum. You'll only need to wipe the coats with a damp microfiber cloth for the best results, but make sure you don't use any harsh chemicals or soap as it can leave some residue. With film covers, it can be even easier if you don't drive as much or if your route mainly involves city streets – you just need to wipe it clean with a dry cloth of any kind once in a while.

A Friendly Reminder

In most states, your car's headlights must be able to project their beams to 100 feet in front of your vehicle at low beam settings and should reach 350 feet once it's on high beam. But some states like Texas and Arizona are going to say that the headlight beam must instead be visible to the coming traffic at a distance of 1,000 feet. The color of the light coming from the headlights is also regulated in other states. Check with your local state laws to see if a specific cover color is legal under their motor vehicle code before you purchase one.

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