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Who is Borgeson?

Borgeson was founded in Torrington, CT.  The company is known for manufacturing universal joints and milling machines and has been doing this since 1914. 

Later on, Ford employed their assistance and used their products for some of their vehicle prototypes. They continued supplying their products to other industries as well, such as the Aerospace, and have supplied parts that served as original equipment for different vehicles. 

It was in the 80s when they started producing universal joints for street rods which jumpstarted their status as the leading brand in their market segment. Today, they continue to provide quality products to all their clients worldwide.

Borgeson Universal has never stopped in its research and development in creating the strongest and most reliable universal joint. Their continuous innovation has helped them create products with the smoothest operation and are designed to fit whatever application their customers desire.

The company has one of the most advanced facilities in the industry with 50,000 square feet at its disposal. It houses advanced manufacturing tools and is specifically designed to increase their production capability and capacity to accommodate the growing demands of their customers. This has made them the largest supplier of aftermarket steering parts for various vehicles such as street rods, high-performance vehicles, and OEM parts.

Purchase  Borgeson Products at Vivid Racing

Your vehicle steering may not be as exciting as other performance upgrades, but not everyone realizes that this is their connection to the road. It is the part that sends you feedback on what is happening between your vehicle and the road. 

Upgrade your steering with Borgeson. Trusted by enthusiasts and auto manufacturers for years, they are a brand that you can definitely rely on. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of their products that would fit your specific requirement.