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Bumper Protection

Rear Bumper Protection

When you get home and open the trunk to unload the groceries, there it is, that big scratch on the top of your back bumper. Is it probably from dragging the folding chairs out yesterday or even loading and unloading the kid's strollers or baggage from last Sunday's trip?

When you load or unload anything from your luggage, you'll probably scratch the paintwork on the top of your rear bumper at some time, regardless of how it got there. When you use our Rear Bumper Protector, you can easily avoid paint damages on the rear bumper. This invisible film, made from the same components as Clear Bras, is meant to maintain your paint without altering your vehicle's appearance. Precut kits for your car are available, as well as universal sizes for bespoke installations.

Invisible Rear Bumper Protection

Our paint protection films are created in the United States by the world's leading paint protection producers using industry-leading paint protection film innovation. As a result, we can provide you with comfort in the form of a 5-year product warranty. All Rear Bumper Protector comes with installation equipment and guidelines to make the process as simple as possible. Begin your search for a Rear Bumper Protector for your vehicle right now!

Precut or Universal Kit? We've Got You!

To select a precise Rear Bumper Guard kit for your vehicle, use our product finder. Precut essentially means that it has been made to fit your vehicle's exact shape and contour. If you can't find a precut kit, we recommend going with a Universal Rear Bumper Protector, which you can get here.

Tips on How to Avoid Auto Body Dents and Scratches

Some drivers are careless about the aesthetics of their vehicles, but you may be one of them. You take good care of your car and want it to reflect your efforts. However, even in your regular routine, your car's body is susceptible to dents and scratches, and repairing those flaws is pricey. Some of the most prevalent causes of dents and scratches are listed below.

Drive Carefully On All Weather Situations

If you can avoid driving when it's raining or snowing, staying at home is a great way to maintain your car ??? and yourself ??? safe. You must, however, carry on with your life despite the bad weather. To avoid crashes, drive cautiously in the rain and snow.

For starters, ensure your automobile is equipped with fully inflated tires, preferably all-season tires. If your tires are a little flat, they're more prone to slip. Slow down and keep a five-second gap between you and the car next to you. Try not to stop, but if you must, softly decelerate. Also, take it easy on the acceleration.

Don't Park On Crowded Streets

When you park on a busy street, the law of averages kicks in. With more automobiles rushing past your parked car, there's a greater possibility that one of them may collide with it. The presence of bicycles on the road worsens this situation, as moving automobiles attempt to maneuver around the bike, potentially clipping your car.

If a vehicle hits your car while you're parked, the idea is that the guilty driver will leave insurance details. Unfortunately, the driver frequently abandons the vehicle without accepting responsibility, forcing you to cover the entire repair expense. So park on side streets or in parking areas whenever available, even if you have to charge for the latter. You should have fewer dents as a result.

Have a Bumper Protector Installed

At the playground, playing bumper cars is a lot of fun. When you're going around in your own automobile, it's a lot less fun. The objective of a vehicle's bumper is to protect the front and back of your vehicle from damage, but it can ruin the bumper itself. Indeed, bumper damage is a regular result of parking in tight spaces.

Some drivers choose bumper guards to keep the resale value of their vehicles in the future. Even if another car collides with yours, this aftermarket addition completely covers the bumper, avoiding dents and scrapes. Depending on the model you purchase, the bumper protector may include strengthened straps and even impact padding on the back.

You are highly prone to harm the paint on the top of your rear bumper when loading or unloading something from your vehicle's trunk. When you use our Rear Bumper Protector, you can easily avoid paint scratches or damage to your rear bumper. This invisible film is meant to preserve your paint while remaining unobtrusive to the appearance of your vehicle. It has a glossy surface and is 8 mils thick. The product is manufactured in the United States by the world's premier paint protection companies. We precut the kit to fit your vehicle properly for quick peel-and-stick installation. We also include the necessary installation tools and instructions to help you complete the installation. Order now!

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