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Why Choose Volk Racing CE28N 10-Spoke Wheels?

As you may already know, Volk Racing is the gold-standard of high-performance forged wheels. Rays has decades of experience crafting premium alloy wheels used by some of the fastest race machines on the planet. Their products are the direct result of experience on the race track fused with ageless styles and designs.

Today, you won’t find any wheel lighter than the Volk Racing CE28N 10-spoke. In fact, this magnificent 10-spoked forged wheel has consistently been the number one wheel option for countless racers and enthusiasts across the planet. Through cutting-edge computerized design and a special forging process, the CE28N is one the strongest and lightest wheels available on the aftermarket.


  • 10 Spoke Wheel Design
  • Forged, single piece Wheel (17, 18, 19" Reverse Rim)
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • Optional Center Cap

The CE28N 10-Spoke wheel’s fascia is machined with practical design features. This gives the wheel superb looks while also reducing overall weight. What you get is the greatest blend of ultra-lightweight design and strong wheel rigidity. With numerous years of forward-thinking development, the CE28N 10-Spoke Volk Racing wheel will always be the benchmark of lightweight wheels.