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What Makes the Volk Racing CE28RT Special?

Volk Racing’s CE28 line-up of high-performance wheels has seen numerous races worldwide ever since it was launched. With a wealth of motorsports experience under its belt, Rays Engineering, the developers of Volk Racing wheels, has created the next version of the CE28: The Volk Racing CE28RT. Compared to the original CE28, the CE28RT is lighter, stronger, and offers features which aren’t available on the original CE28.

The entire center and rim of the CE28RT has been slightly redesigned for better strength and reduced weight. The knurled tire bead is something which was never offered on the original CE28 and it helps reduce the chance of the tire slipping on the wheel. Compared to the original CE28, the CE28RT barrel is about 5-6% more rigid, which is great for a vehicle which runs a lot of camber.

The wheel boasts a Burning Red color which isn’t available on any other CE28 models. On each wheel, one spoke is machined with the “Volk Racing” logo to guarantee that consumers are getting the real deal, not a cheap replica.


  • 10-Spoke Design
  • Mold-Form Forged single piece construction
  • 17” and 18” sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • More rigid and lighter than original CE28
  • Special Burning Red color

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