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Konig Ultraform | What Makes it Special?

Konig has been making beautiful and affordable wheels since its inception. And they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

One of Konig’s newest wheels is the Ultraform.

The Ultraform is a lightweight, 7-spoke design that has been developed for strength on the track while offering a modern and aggressive look when rolling around town. The Ultraform’s design lends to efficient brake cooling as well as exceptional brake caliper clearance.

Constructed with Flow Forming Technology, the Ultraform is light, strong and contains more elongation and shock resistance than a traditional cast design.

If you think that Konig’s flow forming process is strangely similar to Enkei’s, that is because it is Enkei’s. Because, why would you go through all the trouble in making your own process when a superior flow forming process already exists?

Konig simply bought the license from Enkei and that is the reason Konig makes beautiful, lightweight, and incredibly strong wheels without the steep price.

With widths up to 10.5″ wide, toughening up the stance on many rear wheel drive vehicles is an easy task for the Ultaform. 

The Ultraform is offered in 17×8″, 17×9″, 18×8, 18×8.5″, 18×9″, 18×9.5″, 18×10.5″, 19×8.5″, 19×9″, 19×9.5″, 19×10.5″ and finished in Gloss Graphite.

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