Dodge Tire Stickers

Dodge Tire Stickers … And Why you Might Want Them

Tire Stickers is known as a global manufacturer of exclusive branding solutions available for a variety of applications from simple and steadfast surfaces to sidewalls and rubber finishes. And one of their avid clients is Dodge. Hence, the stickers.

The company was the innovator in the industry and keeps being the only official global provider of unique tire letter kits crafted to be used for either bicycles, motorcycles, commercial/personal/off-road vehicles, or high-performance automobiles. The company's customers have an opportunity to design custom tire letter kits as well as logos.

Dodge Tire Stickers allow Mopar owners to enjoy all benefits of custom color matching, providing tire sidewall stickers with the color ideally matching the vehicle, wheel color, or brake caliper. 

Dodge Tire Stickers includes three series: Peel and Stick Tire Letter Kits, Individual Letter Permanent Raised Rubber Kits, and Pre-Curved Permanent Raised Rubber Letter Kits. 

These tire letter kits provide a durable bond and quality appearance lasting the lifetime of the tire, making them perfect for daily drivers. Tire Stickers raised rubber kits are fully cleanable - even after 40,000 plus miles of intense driving, and they are guaranteed to be stain-free from normal driving conditions.

The best thing is you can mix and match top and bottom styles with this Dodge Mopar kit. Select each design for the top and bottom of the tire.

Every tire lettering kit includes the decals, a bottle of strong FleXement glue designed for application to radial rubber tires similar to a 'tire patch', rubber gloves, instructions and a 2oz sample bottle of Tire Stickers Touch-up Cleaner. This accessory fits Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Dart, Hellcat, and SRT models.

Pledge your Mopar loyalty with these tire stickers.