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Clutch Twin and Triple Disc

What Is a Twin/Triple Disc Clutch and What Does It Do?

The answer to a stronger clutch is not necessarily a more rigid pressure plate. Any clutch's torque capacity is based on three basic parameters: clamp load, surface area, and friction coefficient. The increase of any of these factors (like surface area) allows the designer to change the other two variables. For example, by doubling the clutch's surface area with the same coefficient of friction, a single disk clutch that can hold 500 lb-ft can now hold 1,000 lb-ft reliably.

The most exciting part of the clutch is the hub-pin drive that connects the primary and secondary disks. One issue with dual-disk clutches is that there is limited room for two splined hubs on the input transmission shaft. The second clutch disk does not need a hub spring by pinning the two clutches together, which reduces the second disk's weight.

A triple disc clutch has been developed for vehicles requiring a holding capacity of 500 to 1100 ft/lbs of torque at the crank. The billet pressure plate features our patented centrifugal weight system (where applicable) for superior clamp load over stock and our patented ball bearing actuated pressure plate (where applicable) providing light pedal effort. The solid hub (possible gear noise) disc pack is equipped with Kevlar full facing friction material providing increased holding capacity.

Why Should I Upgrade My Clutch?

If your vehicle's factory-supplied clutch starts slipping or wears out prematurely, chances are you're not treating it right or it's simply not up to the job you've assigned to it. In most cases, vehicle manufacturers equip four-wheel drives with a clutch that's adequate for said vehicle's intended function, such as day-to-day driving, some off-road driving and some towing.

But manufacturers rarely take into account that off-roading enthusiasts usually take things to the next level: fitting bigger tires, carrying accessories and gear, chipping the engine and fitting an exhaust, and dragging around a trailer that's within a few grams of maximum stated towing capacity.

It is the same story when it comes to cars. Adding power and torque to your car means putting more pressure to the clutch. And the factory clutch is not rated for our desired power and torque. This is where heavy duty performance clutches pick up where the OE left off.

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