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Performance Gaskets & Seals

High-Performance Engine Gaskets and Seals

Whether you are building a new engine, rebuilding your engine, or have a blown head gasket. Don't buy a cut-rate gasket set. It would help if you had a quality performance gasket and seal set. Vivid Racing has a racing background and would only suggest the best when it comes to your engine. Your engine is the heart of your car, and if you needed heart surgery you wouldn't go to a dentist would you? Vivid Racing can help you find what you need to get the job done right. Shop online or give us a call if you have questions or can't find what you are looking for. We will help you.

Gaskets seal the connection between two components or flanges with flat surfaces, while seals are used between the engine, the pumps, and the shafts that rotate. Gaskets are used wherever a flange or flange is required to prevent leakage. Gaskets are most frequently used as static seals. 

Seals are used between the engine, the pumps, and the shafts that rotate rather than those that are static. Generally, this type of seal is a molded or machined product. Seals tend to be flat and round, while seals are often cut into different shapes to fit the components. Most seals are made of an outer ring made of metal and nests over an inner surface, usually made of rubber. The inner circle is tilted a bit, creating a lip for the seal. The lip is designed as a second barrier against any drop that manages to get past the seal's first edge. The seals must be installed correctly because if installed backward, you could end up with a leaky mess on your hands – or the garage, or wherever you park your car.

Vivid Racing carries Performance Gasket and seal Sets from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include: Agency Power, Cosmetic, Cosworth, Greddy, HKS, InlinePro, Porsche, SSP, Subaru, ThreeBond, Toda and Tomei.

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