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What Radiator Parts Should You Replace?

The radiator plays an integral role in the overall functioning of your vehicle. Your car’s engine produces substantial amounts of heat and the job of coolant is keep the heat at a manageable level. Without proper heat management, it can result in overheating, which can severely damage your engine.

The water pump pushes coolant through dedicated passages all around the block and cylinder head. The hot coolant then exits the engine and is pushed into the radiator where it is cooled through convection. A lot of radiators also feature fans that allow the air to pass through the radiator even when the vehicle is stopped.

Your car’s coolant system is generally designed to last a long time, however, many of the components fail with age. For many enthusiasts, upgrading the cooling system with aftermarket parts is an absolute must. As you increase power, you also increase heat output which can easily overwhelm the stock cooling system.

The thermostat controls the temperature by regulating water flow throughout the cooling system. If the thermostat fails, it can get stuck open, close, or partially open. This can result in excessive cooling in cold weather or lack of cooling in hot weather.

The water pump is typically driven by the serpentine belt, however, some vehicles use an electric water pump. The pump uses an impeller to push coolant through the engine and radiator. Unfortunately, the water pump can lock up with age and will no longer cycle coolant through the system.

The heater core is mechanically and physically very similar to the radiator, albeit smaller and it serves a different purpose. The heater core even features a comparable system of tiny gauge tubes that generate hot air for the heating system. Once bits and pieces split away from the radiator’s pipes, they eventually get clogged in the heater core’s tubes.

For anyone who is experiencing failing cooling components, upgrading to high-quality aftermarket components is a great way to increase cooling capacity, which is especially important for any vehicle that makes big power or is used on the track.

If you notice any problems from the above parts or other radiator parts, then it would be time for an urgent replacement. You can enjoy the best deals and prices for quality radiator parts here at Vivid Racing. We offer an extensive assortment of coolant overflow tanks, hoses, radiator caps, and more, sorted by brand, price, vehicle type, and sale price online for your ease and convenience!