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Injection of water/methanol remains a common improvement in the high-performance automotive industry. It's hard to imagine that injecting water and something else into an engine in need of more fuel would potentially be a positive idea, but the fact is that injecting water/methanol is advantageous to all engines that are artificially triggered and inherently aspired-if handled properly. The primary purpose of water/methanol injection is to help stop the detonation, though that's not to say that even with proper tuning it could not also increase the output of horsepower/torque by 15 to 20 percent.

Water/methanol injection on a gas engine is a way of injecting an atomized combination of water and methanol fuel into the car's intake or cold charge pipe as a way of lowering air inlet concentrations, and increasing octane to counteract this unpleasant little thing called "detonation" or "knock."

Benefits of This Water/Alcohol Injection

Engines Using Nitrous

For nitrous, water/methanol injection allows those with significant 200hp+ volumes to have more pacing ahead. The cooling effect inside the combustion chamber of water/methanol also allows for reduced peak ambient temperature.

Naturally Aspirated/High Compression Engines

Water/methanol injection enables pump fuel to be used in all but the most serious cases, resulting in considerable cost advantages as well as gains in power due to improved air pressure and higher timing efficiency.

Naturally Aspirated/Stock Compression

With naturally aspired engines using compression of less than 10:1, water/methanol is often used in hot countries to lower the intake times. Advantages involve 10-15 HP improvements from improvements in air quality and maximum pacing, as well as more efficient air and fuel ratios, higher gas consumption, and carbon-free chambers.

Keep it cool with a water-methanol injection kit. Cooling the intake air with a water-alcohol injection kit lets your engine breath cooler oxygen which keeps internal engine temperature down. This cooler oxygen creates more horsepower and helps with the wear and tear on high revving performance engines. Vivid Racing carries Water and Alcohol Injection Kits from Aquamist, AEM Electronics, Alta and SMC. Now that you have decided to buy a water-meth injection kit you may need other related parts to insure your vehicle can handle the power. Vivid Racing offers, Throttle Bodies, Intake Manifolds, Turbochargers, Electronic Control Units, Fuel Injectors, Air Intake Kits, Big Brake Kits and much more...

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