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Replacement Exhaust Gaskets

The Importance of an Exhaust Gasket

Commonly referred to as the exhaust gasket, an exhaust flange gasket is imperative to help your engine breathe efficiently.

The exhaust manifold – or headers – in your car might be a set of pipes or a cast-iron manifold assembly. Equivalent to plumbing, these pipes scavenge burned gas from the cylinders and eject the exhaust gases through your exhaust system – which, depending on your car – makes lovely pops and crackles. The purpose of the exhaust gasket is to seal the surface of the manifold to the cylinder head to prevent leaks in the system. Exhaust gases are hot and any leakage in your engine bay might cause bigger problems other than less efficient breathing.

Unless you are Doctor Strange, time is an antagonist of everybody, including exhaust gaskets. The constant vibration, expansion, and contraction of your engine components might cause the exhaust gasket to leak. Most probably, this is due to the engines on again (heat), off again (cold) operation.

Leaks like this need to be recognized and serviced as exhaust gases can be hazardous to other components in your engine bay. Not to mention, a leak from the exhaust manifold gasket can impact your car’s performance.

Exhaust gaskets should be able to withstand the extreme heat and pressure an engine has, especially if the engine is specifically tuned to make more power. Most OE gaskets are made from woven strands of fire resistant material, like asbestos. 

When a gasket goes bad, your engine will let you know by either whispering it to you via ticking noises, or cause a riot via loud roars. This depends on how severe the damage is. If not serviced, a bad gasket will rob you of power and damage your exhaust valves.

Pretty much all gaskets are fire resistant. However, there are many factors to consider.

Graphite gaskets can withstand high temperatures and reduce warping. Some gaskets contain rubber which can burn or melt when exposed to extreme heat. Perhaps the most versatile material for exhaust gaskets is metal or composite gaskets with steel.

Gaskets would look differently depending on your engine. You will either see round, triangular, or oval-shaped designs with holes on either end for bolts. Since exhaust gaskets are dependent on what you drive, you must choose the part that works for your specific car. Feel free to contact us for help during the purchase process at 1-480-966-3040. If you don't see what you are looking for, we can direct you.