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Why Should I Install Aftermarket Exhaust Tips?

As a consensus, car owners pay far more attention to their wheels and engines than they do for the other components. Only true blue enthusiasts know the importance a quality exhaust system does to their car. Having a performance exhaust system will not only make your car more powerful, you will also see an increase in efficiency.

However, a cool shiny exhaust tip will show that you have invested in a high-performance exhaust system. And because it will make your car look more attractive. OEM exhaust tips are laughably small relative to their cutouts in the rear bumper. A tiny tube peeking out of a large hole is ??? how do we put it nicely? ??? lame.

Custom Exhaust Tips Create Custom Rides

Most aftermarket exhaust systems come with bigger tips. Some, however, utilize the diminutive piece of metal we call a tip. IN that case, what you need is a shiny new exhaust tip to complete the look. Exhaust tips can be connected to your tailpipe using screws. Some employ joints or clamps. The easiest to install are those that can be inserted in the tailpipe and they fit just like a glove.

There are different kinds of tips to choose from to complete the look of your car. Magnaflow turn down dual exhausts, quad rectangles, beefy single, dual round, and other exhaust tip designs can give your ride a finishing touch that reflects your personality.

Single exit exhaust tips with diameters that can accommodate your fist are popular in the JDM car scene. For example, most modified Lancer Evolutions and Toyota Supras have such large single exit exhausts that look like they can shoot golf balls into orbit.

If your car already comes with dual exit exhaust, it will be easy fitting polished tips to make your ride look perfect. However, there are twin-exit exhaust tips that you can install on a single exhaust pipe just to make your car look more stylish.

And if you want your car to look extremely powerful and sophisticated at the same time, quad tips are for you. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, and Aston Martin all employ quad-exhausts because it makes the car look more luxurious and more menacing to look at. If you want the same look for your car, you won't go wrong with quad tips.

Get More Style Points With Aftermarket Exhaust Tips

There are many finishes available to put the finishing touches on your exhaust system. From traditional polished tips to carbon fiber with gold, we've got the performance and the looks you want.

  • Stainless Steel: Classic, elegant, and bold ??? in one brilliant package that keeps its shine.
  • Black Ceramic: Beefy, double-walled, and cool
  • Titanium: Modern, durable, and those beautiful burnt tips
  • Carbon Fiber: Aggressive with a high-tech, customized look

The latest in custom tips? The Eisenmann Gold Series. That's right, you can finally top off your exhaust with gold exhaust tips! Eisenmann makes some of the most popular exhaust systems for BMWs, like the carbon fiber tips they debuted a few years ago. Today, you can give your ride a truly unique look with their new limited edition carbon and gold tips.

Exhaust Tips 101 From Vivid Racing

Will Adding an Exhaust Tip Increase Performance?

If you rig up dual tips on a single exhaust, your ride will look cooler, but it's not going to go any faster. A dual exhaust provides a significant power increase because it helps your engine breathe easier. So, no.

Will Custom Exhaust Tips Change my Exhaust's Sound?

The shape and size of an exhaust tip affect the sound of an exhaust. Larger tips produce a throaty growl and smaller tips produce higher pitched sounds. Double-walled muffler tips can help add even more full-bodied sound and other designs create a range of other exhaust sounds. The diameter of the pipe is less important because it doesn't amplify or dampen sound.

What Size Exhaust Tip Should I Install?

This one's pretty straightforward. The inlet size of the mounting end of your exhaust tip must match the diameter of your existing tailpipe. For example, if your tailpipe has a 3.5??? diameter, you need a tip with an inlet diameter of 3.5???.

Pro Tip: It may not be obvious at first glance, but your tailpipe may already have a tip, so measure the tailpipe, not the old tip.

Is Installing Aftermarket Exhaust Tips Hard?

If you're pretty handy, adding exhaust tips is a quick DIY project. First, make sure your tips fit the diameter of your tail pipes snugly. Then check that you have enough clearance for your bumper cutouts. Lube up your exhaust pipe, fit the tips, and either tighten screws or weld the tip on. Not a lot of work for a whole lot of style!

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