The brand initially began as Pro Moto Billet and was at that time a part of Production Automation Inc. in 1997, when Lynn Hodges, the founder, did not want to haul gear on his XR600 wearing a backpack, and wanted a better option. He spent his free time on automation jobs, designing the first billet aluminum cargo rack. After it was completed, he really liked how it looked and functioned and continued to design cargo racks for other models. Eventually, Pro Moto Bill was established. In August 2006, Fastway Performance became known as the best automotive industry in the world. Ultimately, as a result of this acquisition, the branding of the product line is offered today as Fastway by Pro Moto Billet. The Fastway brand has progressed from one billet aluminum cargo rack to kickstands, steering stabilizers, footpegs, and various more.


Fastway footpegs are engineered with accuracy to ensure the best ride in every ride. It comes with patented height, traction, and camber (tilt) adjustability, for the most customized footpegs available. One can customize the mount in either the stock or lowered positions on most bikes simply by reversing the collar due to the universal collar system (UCS). And the patented replaceable traction cleat system allows customizing the shape and traction level of the footbed.


Fastway performance product line includes kickstands, spark arrestors, footpegs, cargo racks, disc guards, linkage guards, hand guards, steering stabilizers, flak shields, drivetrain, and apparel.


The Fastway Performance products at Vivid Racing include Fastway adventure footpegs Alta BMW, gas gas, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Fastway adventure footpegs Ducati, Fastway adventure footpegs Husqvarna, Fastway Adventure footpegs Honda, Yamaha, and many more.