Fog Light Covers

Fog Lights Covers

Few things are more haunting than a heavy layer of fog rolling in on an eerie evening. If you live in an area with a lot of fog, you likely understand how important your fog lights are. What you may not understand is that you can actually keep your fog lights safe and secure with fog lights covers. Vivid Racing is happy to offer thousands of fog lights covers to choose from, allowing you to pick a fog light shield that protects your lights from any damage.

What Are Fog Light Covers?

Fog light covers are an easy and affordable way to protect your fog lights from the various hazards you will likely encounter while on the road. Replacing a broken or damaged fog light can be expensive and frustrating, so instead, you should give your fog lights the protection they need with a car fog light cover.

What Do Fog Light Covers Do?

Fog light covers have only two primary jobs to do. The two main jobs are protecting your fog lights and adding a little style to your vehicle.

Protect Your Fog Lights

The main job of fog light covers is to protect your fog light from any debris that might cause scratches, sandblasting, or cloudiness. If you are a driver who likes to explore all types of roads and terrains, you need a fog light shield to keep your lights in pristine condition.

Add Some Style and Flair

Fog light covers offer a great way to make your car more subtly stylish without drawing attention to yourself. A car fog light cover is a fun addition to add a personal touch and a little flair to your vehicle.

Can I Customize My Fog Light Covers?

Most of the fog light covers Vivid Racing carries are already pre-cut for both sides of the vehicle, meaning that you will only need to make very minimal sizing adjustments, if any are required at all.

Apart from the sizing, there are also a plethora of colors to choose from, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your vehicle. Below are just a few of the most popular fog light covers colors we offer:

  • Clear if you want protection while retaining the stock look.
  • Tint allows for good visibility at night with a subtle shade.
  • Gunsmoke is a dark tint if you want your fog lights to be hidden, only showing up when you switch them on.
  • Yellow makes you feel like a WRC contender.
  • Blue gives off a blue-stained white light when lit by halogens.
  • Amber is a warm color that is very effective when driving through fog.
  • Green is if you want to be different, or if you want your car to give off the same vibes as Hulk or Monster Jam trucks.
  • Pink is perhaps the most adventurous color you can protect your fog lights with. Your path will be lit by a light reddish hue reminiscent of the Grave Digger!

Fog Light Covers at an Affordable Price From Vivid Racing

If you are looking for fog light covers, look no further! Vivid Racing has a huge selection of fog light covers, allowing you to choose a color and style that best suits you and your car's personality. We carry fog light covers from leading manufacturers such as Race Sport Lighting, Rexpeed, and Lamin-X, all at an affordable price. If you are interested in learning more about the fog light covers we currently have in stock or have any further questions, contact Vivid Racing by calling (480) 966-3040.