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Why Choose Volk Racing G16 Wheels?

The newest addition to the Volk Racing G series, G16, is unique to the countless other mesh design wheels in the market. Its design features non-stress lines that are used in the development of high-performance wheels today. The smooth curves prevent stress from building up in one specific spot of the wheel. To put it simply, the lack of stress lines in the design makes the G16 much stronger than other mesh wheels on the aftermarket.

The Volk Racing G16 wheels are offered in 19" and 20" sizes for both Japanese and Import automobiles. Just like other Volk Racing wheels, the G16 is constructed with Rays’ unique mold-form forged construction, which is ultimately stronger and lighter than any other forging method. The concave design of the G16 gives it a unique silhouette and very elegant appearance.


  • Mesh Design
  • Mold-Form Forged single piece construction
  • 19” and 20" sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2

While installing Volk Racing G16 wheels doesn’t improve your car’s power by even just a single horsepower, it does provide an unmistakable racing feel to your driving experience. Whether you are searching for Volk Racing G16 wheels or any other wheels, Vivid Racing is the place to go! Our large wheel catalog includes popular brands like GramLights, Volk Racing, Advan, and many more!