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Helix Racing Products was created in 1993 by motorcycle racers and enthusiasts who recognized a need for fundamental power sports equipment that shops, dealers, racers, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts required. Maintaining power sports machines on the road, in the dirt, on the lake, and in the snow. Helix Racing Products offers an unmatched selection of products and is a one-stop shop for commodity items packaged for service departments, dealers, and many customers alike. They stock everything from pre-filter foam to exhaust components, tubing to tools.


As is the case with the majority of companies in the power sports industry, Helix Racing Products is founded on a passion for the sport and the creation of products that enable enthusiasts and technicians to customize their personal experience while preparing for a race or performing routine maintenance. Since it's difficult to find a product that fits everything, many of their items do exactly that, with numerous non-model specific products that function on all things power sports. They have the products that enthusiasts require but cannot find in the local market, whether you call them staple items, everyday essentials, specialty items, or simply parts.


Helix’s product selection is unmatched and carries a wide variety of items designed to keep power sports machines going on the street, in the mud, on the water, and in the snow. Helix Racing Products offers a complete line of products ranging from pre-fitter foam to exhaust components, tubing, and equipment. In addition, they added a new collection of premium polyurethane tubing, muffler packing, heat shield, exhaust springs, rust-proof hose clamps, safety wire, aluminum mesh kits, and event supplies like course arrows and barricade tape.


Vivid Racing includes a wide variety of Helix Racing products, from everyday essentials such as wire loom, fuel line, cables, steel hose, spring, marking tape, hose reducer, exhaust wrap, heat barrier, to motorbike essentials.