Hotbodies Racing provides the highest-quality windscreens, undertails, huggers, exhausts, LED blinkers, carbon fiber, and bodywork items in the world. It offers a comprehensive selection of aesthetic and bolt-on performance parts for a wide range of sport bikes, ranging from the BMW S1000RR to the Yamaha YZF-R1 and everything in between. Hotbodies Racing bodywork is made of high quality, best for motorcyclists seeking to compete on the race track, with most kits available at an affordable price.


The Hotbodies range of creative cosmetic pieces allows you to personalize the look of your motorcycle on the streets for those who represent the brand. Vivid Racing includes Hotbodies products for your bike adventure, from windshields, carbon fiber exhaust pipes, fenders, flush mount, exhaust slip-on, to undertails with various color options.


Hotbodies carbon fiber exhausts have long been the preferred material for aftermarket performance parts because, in contrast to stainless steel and titanium exhausts, carbon fiber exhausts have a more modern and aerodynamic appearance. Carbon fiber is not only a strong and durable material, but it is also extremely lightweight. It was initially functioning mostly in the aeronautics and space industries before being introduced into the automotive industry. The aesthetically pleasing appearance that carbon fiber goods provide to motorcycles is the primary reason that motorcycle enthusiasts desire to use them.

The connection sections on the surface of metal materials might have an unclean appearance due to the welding marks left behind during the process. However, carbon fiber products are manufactured using molds and can be formed into any shape or size that is desired without leaving any kind of mark behind. The oval shapes of Hotbodies' carbon fiber exhaust are produced in a very clean and smooth fashion. The weight-to-strength ratio of carbon fiber element is another significant advantage.

When two pieces of steel and carbon fiber that are physically identical to one another are weighed, the carbon fiber parts are 70% lighter than the steel parts. It is almost the same weight as Kevlar, which is used in bullet-proof vests and other protective gear. Because of the weight advantage, your motorcycle will be lighter, which means the engine will draw less weight. Hence, more horsepower and less fuel consumption can be achieved just by reducing the weight of the engine. Vivid Racing includes carbon fiber exhaust that will definitely make a huge difference to your riding experience.