Porsche 991.2 Steering Wheel LED Shift Light Installation

If you have come across this page you have either been googling how to install a steering wheel with a LED shift light, find 12V power source behind the airbag on a Porsche 991.2, or bought the Vivid Racing steering wheel here.  This is the only place you will find this information because we spent the time to figure it out!  No other steering wheel provider you find on forums, ebay, etc has actually gotten one of these LED Shift Lights to work on a non Multi-Function/Heated steering wheel as of June 1, 2020.  But we did so here is how you did it!

Note:  If your steering wheel is already a multi-function wheel you dont need to do this.  But if you do not have a multi-function wheel such as the GT3, you must have or order this new OEM clock spring from us or Porsche, part number 9A7-953-568-11You may need to go to the Porsche dealer to have them recode your steering wheel for this new clock spring and reset the steering angle.

Step 1: We are skipping the main steps of removing the steering wheel from the vehicle.  This is something that any shop can easily do or YouTube it.  Actual step 1 is to remove the clock spring.

Step 2: With the new clock spring in hand, we are going to actually slightly modify the plastic housing.  You are going to want to carefully separate the halves with a small flat head.

Step 3: With the halves split, see where the flathead screw driver is.  Take a razor blade heated up and slow cut the plastic there as shown.

Step 4: On the other half, we have done something similar with the outside of the plastic and then bent the one pin down.

Step 5: Now you can attach a wire to this spot with a clip.  Make sure to put some sort of covering around it.

Step 6: Reassemble the clock spring back into the car and now you can route this cable to an ignition on source in the fuse panel.  We have found one as shown below.

Step 7: With the steering wheel back on, take the black ground wire from the LED Shift Light and tap in into one of the brown grounded horn wires. Now take the red wire from the LED Shift Light and put a connector on it or extend it and plug it into where the new clock spring has pins.

Step 8: Re-assemble the airbag to the wheel and test with key on. The lights should light up. Again if you are not getting power, check your connections. You may also have to have Porsche code this steering wheel as a multi-function/heated unit in your car.