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Harnesses - Racing Harnesses

High-Quality Racing Harness and Bars

It is a brilliant idea to take your car to the track upgrade from traditional seatbelts to four or five-point harness style belts. Not only will it improve safety, but you will be able to better control the car by being more firmly planted in your seat, responding more to the way it is handled, and ultimately reducing your lap times.

You may need a harness bar to mount a harness in your vehicle. They are also found in roll cages. But bolt-in harness bars are excellent options for people who don't want to clutter up their interior or still want a functional back seat. Many harness bars take up minimal space and attach racing style shoulder harness belts required for many competitive events. The manufacturer often adds a custom touch without the hassle of a complete roll cage to the interior.

Harness bars are a perfect way to increase protection for both drivers and passengers, but they can also add strength and rigidity to the frame to improve handling functionality. Harness bars come as either custom-made bolt-in kits or as universal kits requiring some custom fit.

It is also essential to keep in mind that although using the racing style harness belts, some states and cities have laws against using this form of safety protection on the street is an excellent idea for a competition. For some instances, stock style belts can be kept when operating a harness bar, but if you intend to remove the OEM belts, make sure that your local laws are reviewed first.

Racing harnesses can appear to be just a compulsory security feature. Still, their installation, nature, and convenience of use could also significantly affect your car stability and your capacity to get belted in before competitions and rapidly and effortlessly during driver changes in distance races.

What to Choose 5-Point or 6-Point Harnesses?

It is somehow personal whether to opt for a 5-point or 6-point harness configuration. The 5-point system uses a specific "sub" belt (the belt that attaches from your upper thigh almost vertically, while a 6-point harness uses two sub belts that connect in more of a diagonal configuration with the camlock - where most connections cross. As many racing drivers favor the 6-point design in terms of convenience and the enhanced sensation of locked down durability that this design provides, most producers have shifted towards a 6-point model.

Racing Harnesses Fitment

This is among the most significant characteristics to remember when purchasing racing harnesses. As drivers get buckled in and get out of the vehicle, harnesses are continually adjusted and eased, even though only one driver uses the car for a specific case.

Much too often, adjusters can be reluctant to tighten or loosen, particularly lap belt fitters, and when you're in the car, you might not have the angle needed to overwhelm an adjuster that doesn't want to change. If you don't have a team to allow you to make these changes, you're sometimes left with a belt that has a strap or two that are either too relaxed or too tight, and both situations from a comfortable and safety perspective are much less than desirable.

Racing Harness Bars

In a concise overview, harness bars attach just behind the seats to enable 4 or 5-point seat belts, also called a harness, to be mounted in a racing position. Racing harnesses offer the driver and the passenger in a car much better protection and support.

They could also help boost driving skills by holding the driver securely stuck to their place, quicker maneuvering, and less moving. However, most OEM vehicles do not even have specifications for the section of the harness' shoulder belt, mostly since they're not really built to go racing. A harness bar provides an anchor point to which to mount the shoulder straps. That implies that for almost every vehicle, you can mount a complete racing harness.

A harness bar is the only direction to get there, whether you want to perform track days or attach a racing harness for aesthetics but don't want to install a complete roll cage or roll bar. While maintaining your interior clean and working, it will give you added protection. Another benefit of racing harness bars, in regards to getting the front occupants secure, is that they can add strength and rigidity to the frame of the car, offering improved handling characteristics. Our racing harness bars are available as either personalized bolt-in kits or universal kits requiring some custom fitting.

Just be sure to review the perfect fit for your requirement before purchasing and take all the appropriate measurements. It is also worth remembering that while it is a brilliant idea to use racing style harness belts, certain countries and towns might have laws against using this form of road safety restraints.

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