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Magnetic Armor

What is MEK Magnetic Armor?

MEK Magnet Vehicle Armor is a high-performance, heavy-duty magnet panel designed to provide superior side-body protection against any trail you're driving. Magnetic Armor takes a few minutes to install and stays under adverse weather conditions, rough trails and even hand car washes.

Their material makes a big difference. With high-energy, rubberized magnetic panels that are super strong hold preventing the Armor from moving or shifting, it provides superior protection while not damaging your clear coat. Saving your Jeep's paint saves both time and money!

There has never been an easier way to style your vehicle and provide tough and reliable protection. Each Magnetic Armor kit covers approximately 80 per cent of the surfaces which can be scratched on your rig. 

The Magnetic Armor is offered in a number of very popular designs. You could also upload your own image for endless customization options. Upload your logo and website images to turn your vehicle into a mobile marketing billboard. Change the look of your Armor with the seasons, upload a funny pattern or a personal picture. Your vehicle is an extension of you, put a mark on it and stand out!

How do I Install Magnetic Armor?

Armor is designed for off-road track protection, do not leave for extended periods of time without regularly removing the Armor to clean it and the Jeep. A thin layer of dust and grime builds up from daily driving that may build up under the Armor, causing the panel to lift during higher travel speeds. 

  1. Remove the Armor roll from all packaging and peel each panel carefully, starting at the corner and pulling it smoothly along the seams to remove each panel.
  2. Temperatures outside the specified range of-40 to 160 deg F could affect the strength of the magnetic panel. Installation at temperatures outside this range is not recommended. Allow the Armor to reach room temperature (60-75 deg F) for best practice and performance. 
  3. After removing the panels from the packaging, allow the panels to flatten completely before application. If any Armor magnetic panel is moved, misaligned or moved during use or installation, remove the entire panel and reposition to prevent the surface of your vehicle from scratching.
  4. Once installed, use a microfiber cloth to wipe each panel, apply light pressure, ensure that each panel is well bonded and that all wind-facing edges have a clean, flat and flush installation. 
  5. Please note that Jeep limited edition models may have badges in different locations, the Trail Rated badge must be repositioned to fit the designed magnetic panel cutout, any additional badges must be removed, repositioned or the Jeep Armor panel modified to ensure that the flush panel fits the Jeep body without any raised sections. 
  6. For new gel-back Armor: re-apply clear plastic film to the gel side and store it flat when not in use.

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