Who is Ohlins?

Ohlins Racing has been an integral part of the motor sports world, as well as the motorcycle and automotive industry, for over 40 years. Ohlins has manufactured shock absorbers for motorcycles for a long time, but they soon realized that their successful concept could also be adapted for other vehicles. They now produce shock absorbers for a wide variety of cars, including rally, off-road, touring, GT, formula, stock cars, sports cars, and road & track.

Ohlins Racing AB started out in 1976 as a motocross racing suspension company. Since the Swedish company's inception, Ohlins' watchwords have been performance, precision, quality, durability and reliability. This is just one of the secrets behind all the success that Ohlins shock absorbers repeatedly enjoy out on the racetrack.

The brand stays true to its roots and improves the ride and performance of all types of vehicles to this day. So, whether you are purchasing a shock for your Harley bike or suspension for your track car, you will feel the difference with Ohlins' over four decades of racing heritage in every product. Remaining at the forefront of advanced technology is what pushes them to work even harder to find the next chapter in the Ohlins' suspension story.

What is Ohlins USA Mission to its Customers?

Ohlins is dedicated to exceeding customer's expectations with its aftermarket high-end suspension parts for a wide range of vehicles. Its passion for innovation and state-of-the-art technology motivates the brand to constantly seek out the next generation of advanced suspension.

Ohlins' dedicated and professional staff collaborates with some of the most prestigious manufacturers and teams in the world to develop superior suspension parts. The culmination of knowledge and experience results in the creation of the pinnacle of suspension products for aftermarket and OEM vehicles.

Ohlins' goal is to offer the same level of service and support throughout its brand, no matter if it's for a racing team or a passionate enthusiast looking for a better functioning suspension unit for their mountain bike, sports car, or motorcycle.

Why Choose Ohlins?

Ohlins has been the choice for discerning drivers for decades for a reason. The company lives and breathes vehicle suspensions and is always on the cutting edge of suspension design and technology. Analyzing data and evaluating suspension performance with Touring and GT cars, Formula 1 and Indycars, and World Superbikes, Ohlins has learned a lot through winning.

The lessons learned show up in the company's aftermarket products and service to give enthusiasts the very best performance in steering dampers, forks, suspension systems, and more.

Ohlins also understands what drivers need. Whether it's sporty handling around town or a weekend endurance race, you'll find the perfect suspension from Ohlins and Vivid Racing.

  • Daily drivers and weekend warriors will love the road and track suspension designs that are long on performance and short on compromise. Because dual flow valves open more quickly and easily, ride comfort is similar to an OEM strut rather than a coilover set-up. Over undulating surfaces, the road and track units allow the car to crest bumps and pot-holes with stability and control by keeping traction at the optimal level.
  • Dedicated track suspensions feature pre-tuned, track-ready monotube packages with dual flow valve technology, plus these performance features:
    • Adjustable Damping and Ride Height
    • Spherical Upper Mounts
    • Swift springs to ÷HLINS specs
    • Shake Rig and Track Validated
    • Rebuildable

Rally suspensions using TTX technology for ultimate strength and durability, TTX pro suspensions for high-performance sports cars, and customized builds are also available. If Ohlins' suspensions can help win over 300 Championships, and counting, then imagine what they can do for your ride.

The company also provides expert service for all their products, so you can keep your Ohlins suspension working at peak performance. Here's a brief breakdown of some of what the company's factory trained technicians can do:

Disassemble your suspension to inspect all components for wear. Measures to verify tolerances are within factory specifications. Replace all relevant worn seals and parts. Reassemble the suspension, vacuum fill with Ohlins specification oil, and dyno tested to ensure quality, functionality, and performance.

Find Ohlins Suspension at Vivid Racing

If you are ready to upgrade your vehicle's suspension, then look no further than Ohlins products. Vivid Racing carries a large inventory of parts, including Ohlins' coil overs, sway bars, electronic lowering kits, and mounts. Unsure about which part may be best for you? Call one of our parts specialists today at (480) 966-3040. We will help you find the ideal product for your individual application.