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Oil Filters and Relocations Kits

Oil Filters and Relocation Kits

If you're hot-rodding your engine to increase horsepower, you should consider improving the oiling system as well. A deep sump, baffled oil pan, as well as a massive amount, high-pressure oil pump, should be at the top of your list to enhance oil capacity and avoid oil hunger and guarantee your engine receives an adequate oil supply at all RPMs. However, if you don't include a performance oil filter in your build, you can have issues.

Standard oil filters lack the strength, flow rate, and filtration capability required by high-performance engines. A high-capacity pump and a pan full of 20W-50 can generate enough oil pressure to burst a conventional spin-on filter, and a regular filter can impede flow, causing oil pressure to plummet and engine damage. To attain high flow rates, certain so-called performance oil filters forego filtering.

How an Oil Filter Works

The filter has a metal can on the outside with a sealing gasket that enables it to be closely held against the engine's contact point. The gasket is held in place by the can's base plate, which is pierced with holes inside of the gasket. The oil filter component on the engine block is screwed into a central hole. The filter component, which is usually synthetic fiber, is found inside the container. The oil pump in the engine transports the oil directly to the filter, where it penetrates through holes in the base plate's perimeter. The dirty oil is pushed (under pressure) through the filter medium and back into the engine through the central hole.

Why Choose the Right Oil Filter

The importance of selecting the correct oil filter for your vehicle cannot be overstated. Although most oil filters appear to be relatively similar, little changes in threads or gasket size can decide whether or not a filter will fit your car. The simplest approach to figure out which oil filter you need is to look through your owner's manual or a parts catalog. Oil can seep out of the engine when you use the wrong filter, or an ill-fitting filter can simply come off. Either of these scenarios has the potential to cause catastrophic engine damage.

Our high-performance spin-on oil filters include thick canister walls and heavy-duty base plates to avoid deformation even at high oil pressures. These tough housings can also withstand punctures from stones and dirt, ensuring you don't get stuck. While each manufacturer's media structure is unique, most performance filters use specially developed synthetic media that allows for high oil flow rates while capturing up to 99 percent of dangerous pollutants. Our performance filters are pre-drilled for security wire installation and have hex screws for easy wrench-off disassembly.

Oil Filter Relocation Kits

The oil filtration relocation kit makes the engine's oil filter accessible and serviceable. An oil filter relocation kit for individuals who have twin turbos is handy, as adding the second turbo prevents access to the factory filter placement. These high-quality filter relocation kits were created to ensure the finest possible connection with your vehicle.

We provide a variety of oil filter accessories, including adapters and remote filter kits, in addition to our performance filters. Cartridge oil filters were originally set up in many old cars, and changing them may be time-consuming and untidy. Adapters are available to allow easy-off, simple, spin-on oil filters to be replaced. Proper maintenance is quick and straightforward with easy access to the oil filter. We have filter relocation kits that enable you to put the filter in an easily accessible place.

Depending on the manufacturer, the actual contents will vary. The clamps, remote filter mount, hoses, engine mounted adapter, fittings, and hardware, are all included in most relocation kits. Relocation kits not only make filter changes easier but they may be required in specific instances, such as when swapping engines: the engine oil filter may be in the way or unreachable with a different chassis. Because most relocation kits employ a high-capacity filter, and dual-filter kits, a relocation kit can also enhance oil capacity. An engine oil cooler can also be added with the use of a relocation kit.

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