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Performance Engine Oil Pans

Engine oil pans are the most critical elements of the engine cooling system. They are generally made of thin steel and developed into a deeper portion to carry out their work entirely. The oil pump is also situated there. If an engine is not working, oil pans absorb the oil from the faces of the crankcase when it falls out. That is, oil pans placed on the ground of the crankcase are used as oil storehouses.

Engine oil is used to grade internal combustion engines and to refrigerate and disinfect them. The oil drainage plug on the bottom of the oil pans can be eliminated to enable the old oil to leak out of the car when replacing oil. The plug is inserted again into the drain hole after the used oil runs out. A magnet is also used to make drain plugs that collect metal fragments from oils. Some contain a replacement washer to eliminate water leakage or stained thread in the drain hole.

Types of Engine Lubrication System

Dry Sump System

There are two oil pumps in the dry sump system, one for pumping the lubricating oil into the engine and one for taking the oil out of the engine swelling and moving it to the external storage tanks. Few performance cars use dry sump systems but most cars use wet sump systems where the oil pools and is deposited underneath the engine called the oil pot in a tank.

Wet Sump System

The oil pump pickup tube monitor is mounted deep in the oil pan in a wet sump system so that it is coated with oil all the time. The oil pump collects the oil from the pan through the pickup tube and transmits it to the oil of the engine where it lubricates and refreshes motor bearings and other moving parts. The oil then returns to the pan. The oil pan is built to accommodate ample oil for all planned conditions of service.

Common Symptoms of Engine Oil Pan Gaskets

Smoking Issues

In the most recognizable signals, smoke is one of the main reasons and symptoms where the oil pan gasket is in need of replacement. This is generally attributed to oil from the pan that lands on the exhaust filter. If this issue continues, objects such as oxygen sensors or various other parts may be affected when they are saturated in oil that can cause sensors and densities to malfunction.

Oil Spills Under the Car

If you begin to see oil spills below the vehicle, a broken oil pan gasket will cause it to begin. Owing to the vast amount of heat it is subjected to, the rubber of the gasket begins to deteriorate over time. Eventually, the gasket will begin to leak and will create the puddles of oil under the car. Failing to tackle the problem quickly will lead to a number of complications, including low oil levels and oil pressure, which may impair the vehicle's functionality.

Engine Overheats

The oil controls the coldness of the engine motor that helps the vehicle to run better. The engine oil is used in combination with the coolant to sustain friction and heat in the motor. The engine will overheat if the oil pan leaks and the oil level decreases. If left unsupervised, an overheating engine will cause severe damage.

Manufacturers We Have

Many oil pans were made of stamped steel at one time, but nowadays many engines have high-end cast aluminum tanks, allowing types and functions not to be found in steel stamping. For instance, some casted aluminum pans are fixed on the pickup tube and oil cleaner. Some pans have cooling components to minimize the oil temperature and some have to discourage pick-up oil from slipping away during rough cornering and momentum and to distinguish the sump area from the churning air produced by the spinning assembly.

We carry all the parts of the oil pans, such as gaskets and drain plugs, so all you have to do to get the job done is to dial one of our expert mechanics. Upgrade to the magnetic drain tube, for extra motor safety if your car does not come with it. Dipstick tubes can break and dipsticks can get lost, leaving you to guess at your engine oil level. Don't give a risk of such a major inspection! Don't stop your ride because you thought you dropped your stick a couple of hundred miles ago. With just one call away, we will offer direct replacement right at your doorsteps.

If you drive or are building a high-performance race or streetcar, the oil pan you use can make the difference between winning or losing. A high-performance engine oil pan is designed to hold more oil than a factory oil pan. More volume means cooler oil and cooler oil means extended life for your car's engine. Racing oil pans, rear sump oil pans, front sump oil pans, wet sump, dry oil sump, and OEM oil pans. You name it Vivid Racing has it, and if you don't see the oil pan you are looking for then give us a call so we can get it. If you need help determining the right engine oil pan for your vehicle, give us a call we will help.

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