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Password JDM Dry Carbon Fiber RAM Air Induction Snorkel Nissan GT-R R35 09-18


Password JDM

Model #PWCIS-R35-C00

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber RAM Air Induction Snorkel Nissan GT-R R35 09-18

It’s a known fact, that engines will make more power if you can somehow draw in colder outside air. This is exactly what the PWJDM Ram Air Induction Snorkel was designed to do. Ram Air Induction Snorkels are nothing new’ They have been utilized in professional racing for the last 30 or so years in almost every series from LM to F1. Looking to professional racing for inspiration, PWJDM even recruited a few master fabricators from professional racing. Their main purpose was to design and produce Ram Air Induction Snorkels for a few of the most successful racing teams here on the west coast, and now they are an integral part of the R&D and production team here at PWJDM.

By directly feeding colder outside air into your stock airbox, the PWJDM Ram Air Induction Snorkel will do wonders for your GT-R. At increased speeds, it maintains positive pressure in front of the filter, ramming as much colder air into your intake. This principle alone is what this Ram Air Induction Snorkels are all about. It isn't exactly rocket science, more colder air in, more HP period. By working within the confinements of the stock air box and keeping within CARB compliance, we were able to utilize our expertise and develop a Ram Air Induction Snorkel that perfectly compliments a stock air box and dramatically increases horsepower at increased speeds, but it isn't all that difficult to comprehend either. Getting colder, denser air into your engine makes more horsepower.

  • Race proven Ram Air Induction methodology utilized in design
  • Directly forces colder air into your stock intake
  • Directly forces colder air into your stock intake
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Weighs under 4oz/side
  • CARB compliant

  • Password:JDM is recognized as an industry leader in the niche market known as JDM! To date, we have imported more JDM products by volume than the next 3 companies combined. We started life as a direct importer of new and used JDM products and have now become a full manufacturer of performance automotive aftermarket products as well. 90% of PWJDM products are produced inhouse here at our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Pico Rivera, CA.

    As a direct importer of new and used JDM Honda and Nissan parts, engine/motor swaps, and quite possibly anything else born and bred JDM, our products remain "true to form" and reliable. To add onto your vehicle what the factory left out, we also choose to develop, concept, and manufacture all of our products in-house within our 10,000sq. ft. Pico Rivera, CA warehouse. Made in the USA.

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