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Pitbull Grwlr Uber XOR 27.5 X9.00 R 12 50 DP BSW


Pit Bull Tires

Model #PB1071

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The Pit Bull Growler Uber XOR ATV/UTV tire offers powerful motorsports performance, even in extreme conditions. This versatile quad bike tire uses a directional tread pattern that can handle mud, snow, sand, rock, and trail surfaces. The treads alternating biting pattern optimizes traction, cleanout, and stability. For sturdy toughness you can count on, the tire boasts 8-ply rated construction that performs even in natures most hostile conditions. To protect your wheels, the tire uses an extra deep rim guard and integrated sidewall protectors that work together to absorb impacts and keep off-roading worry free. For toughness and versatility that will help you get the most from your off-road adventures, choose the Pit Bull Growler Uber XOR ATV/UTV tire.


  • Wheel Diameter: 12
  • Aspect Ratio: 9
  • Section Width (Cross Section): 27.5
  • Overall Diameter: 28
  • Rim Width Range: 7.0-7.0
  • Weight: 34
  • Tread Depth: 32
  • Load Index: 50
  • Max PSI: 7
  • Vendor Product Number / MPN: PB1071

Other Part Numbers:
Pit Bull Tires #10380

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Tread Wear Protection - only available on PBX A/T Hardcore LT tires (limited 40K warranty):

The following Tread Wear Limited Warranty is a prorated warranty (there is no free replacement period) based on mileage received, and is separate from the standard coverage stated in "What Does This Warranty Cover?" No manufacturer or dealer can guarantee a certain number of miles from a given tire. Driving habits, driving conditions, tire and vehicle maintenance all play a part in the tread life of a tire and all differ with each purchaser.

The Tread Wear Limited Warranty is available provided that you:
1. are the original owner
2. have driven no more than the warranted miles specified in "What Does This Warranty Cover?"
3. have properly serviced and maintained the tires, with periodic rotation, all evidenced by acceptable service records
4. installed the tires no more than 60 months from the date of purchase
5. have treads that are evenly worn down to the top of the tread wear indicate bars
6. present the tire for adjustment.
7. present this Warranty Booklet when requesting an adjustment and your original purchase receipt, date of purchase, vehicle type, model, odometer reading and rotation record are properly recorded.

If the tire wears to the tread wear indicators in less than the miles warranted, a pro-rated adjustment will be made according to actual mileage delivered. Your replacement cost will be determined by dividing the actual mileage delivered by the miles warranted and multiplying the result times the current selling price of an equivalent tire. You must pay for mounting and balancing and any other additional charges, such as taxes or the acceptance of a higher priced replacement tire.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

This Warranty covers substantial defects in workmanship and material in every first (1st ) quality non-racing tire bearing our PIT BULL brand name and serial number.

This warranty exists during the shorter of the life of the original tread design or SIXTY (60) MONTHS from the date of manufacture as encoded on the sidewall of the tire. At that time, all warranties, express or implied, expire.

Original tread design life is completed when the tire is worn to 2 remaining 32nds.